MicroNicheFinder or Samurai

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MicroNicheFinder or Samurai?

and what is the price difference and features?
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    Samurai is much better in my opinion. I also use IBP
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    what is IBP?

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    I bought MNF. You'll probably do well with either one and the price comparisons and features are listed on their websites. I'm happy with my purchase.
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    IBP looks pretty good thanks for sharing, anyone else use IBP?

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    I have narrowed down to micronichefinder or Samurai, about to pull the plug on one of them... Anyone else suggest before making purchase?

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      I had the same question and went with MNF, after downloading the "test it and play with it" offer from Samurai.

      Samurai is good, but a little confusing and difficult to remember all of the abbreviations, especially if you don't use it for a couple of days. I like the "green light./red light" feature in MNF.

      It was a good purchase. Worth it.

      That being said, I'm probably going to also purchase Samurai, too, for the backlink feature. The way I see it, they can be complimentary products.

      - Adam.
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    I believe they both cost $97

    I haven't used MNF so I can't comment. As for MS, it has many features and you can use it for free (trial).
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      I use MNF all the time, would not want to be without it. But I haven't tried Samurai so can't really compare. MNF is great though.
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    I use MNF and so far have been very satisfied with my purchase. I have never tried samurai so I can not tell you what one is better.

    WarriorForum Rocks!

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    Im using the free version of MS,but i did test the full version out in the 30 day challenge.
    I am going to purchase the full version,Its very good.
    I am also going to purchase MNF,for the simple reason of red,green,and some other options.
    As said earlier,i think they would compliment each other.
    Im also using the free version of traffic travis.
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      I have never used MicroNicheFinder, but I do like Market Samurai a great deal.

      I think the Competitive Analysis tool in MS is awesome, but I have to admit I use the SEO Analysis tool in Traffic Travis instead for that. They both provide the exact same information, but rather than color coding the results as MS does, Traffic Travis gives a 1--5 star rating of the difficulty in gaining a #1 ranking in Google. If it gets a 4 or 5 you know you can rank very easily. I just prefer that because you can determine difficulty at a glance without having to cipher the data with each query.

      No matter how good a tool is, I have never found one tailored in such a way that it fit me perfectly. Even so, MS is a very powerful research tool! I wish they would have added Domain Samurai to MS rather than marketing it as a separate product.
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    I have both the market smarui and also the MNF but I used Mircro Niche Finder.
    On top of that, MNF have recently just upgrade to version 5.0
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    I haven't used MNF, but I do use Market Samurai and love it - wouldn't be without it now
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    I highly recommend Market Samurai - it has all the tools that I need from keyword research, to SEO competition and Promotions module, etc. All handy and crucial in the internet marketing business and it really has saved me a lot of time manually searching for do-follow blogs/forums to increase my traffic needs. It's a must-have and worth the price.
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    Market Samurai hands down.

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      I appreciate all the answers.

      I am currently having a hard time deciding on which one myself.

      Just one question do MS have a brainstorm tool?

      I can see MNF has one. Although I can't seem to find one in MS

      Because that is a powerfull feature when you are stuck on which niches you could possibly enter.
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    I use them both, and would go out and replace them both if I had to.

    While both do keyword research, market samurai does so much more, and does it very well. The SEO competition module could be a product in it's own right.
    But I like the way MNF works, and the results it gives, so I put them both together, which also gives you a good check to see if they both agree!
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    I use both, for keyword research MNF, and for competition analysis MS.
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      I would determine exactly what your needs are which will then allow you to choose which one is best for you at this time. Frankly, both programs are outstanding, the two best in my opinion and I have and use them both regularly.

      MS is more than just a keyword tool. It's more in depth and though not complicated, it has quite a few more bells and whistles then MNF that you will need to learn and get accustomed to.

      Personally,I feel that MS is a must have tool, no doubt about it! With MS you can tackle bigger projects with higher competition. I think I use MS for the SEO features and research more than I do even the keyword tool.

      MNF in my opinion is much more straight forward, simple, and out of the box then MS. It doesn't have detailed features like MS does, but if you just need a really good keyword tool that also provides you with a nice little competition feature involved, MNF is the one to get.

      If you can afford it, buying both is the way to go as several people have already mentioned that they compliment each other nicely. But if you can only afford one right now, MNF is excellent for basic affiliate marketing with smaller sized projects and low to mid competition levels. It's simple,fast, and great for marketing courses like google sniper and adsense masters.

      If you are working towards bigger projects, authority type sites, and higher competition levels, then MS would be the better choice. It's incredibly powerful and my favorite aspect of MS is the powerful SEO data I can get from it.
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    Like a lot of the people here I use a couple of Keyword tools both of these included. I like james as well he has a really honest style and actually responds to emails!!


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    It looks like most things have already been said but I've relied on MS to provide competitive, quality keywords and along with the competition module I consistently achieve top 10 rankings in Google. This is not to brag but to confirm that the tool is incredibly powerful and for the price the keyword tool pays for itself many times over... Add to this the content module, the ad finder and fantastic backlink analysis as well as a great deal more, it really is the business.

    I would say it does take time to learn how it works but you can find videos explaining exactly how to use it from the 30 Day Challenge and it's well worth it.

    I haven't used the other tool but I'm going to check it out now as it also sounds good. I think these are fundamental tools to running successful online businesses and for the price I'd say both are a great investment.
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    I can only speak for Market Samurai.

    Trying it out on the free trial is a no-brainer, because even if you decide not to buy it you will still have access to the Keyword Research module of MS for ever, for free.

    As to price, if you take the free trial and decide to buy in the first few days of the trial (I think something like a week) then it's US$97. If you buy later it's $149.

    They have a shed-load of first class trainings too on how to get the most out of the tool. You could watch those trainings before even trialling it, here:
    Noble Samurai Dojo
    and that will give you a good idea of what it can do. Each heading on that page is about a different module of the tool, and all the trainings are there for free for anyone to use, no registration required or anything.

    When you click on one of the links on that page, the training opens up in a new tab and then if you scroll down you can download the pdf of that particular training to study in your own time or to use as you work (the pdf link is at the bottom of the right-hand column).

    As other people in this thread have said, Market Samurai is so much more than a research tool.

    If you want to go through the keyword research trainings quickly I've put them all up one after the other in the latest post at the Market Samurai Resources and Reviews website in my signature.

    I hope that helps.
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    There's a huge thread about which keyword tool is best :-

    My vote is MS cause you really analyze all the seo data you can get. You will learn new skills as well as how does seo work.
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