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I have been using Market Samurai to check keywords, then I started the 30 day challenge which goes into much more depth. Unfortunately my trial period has expired and I don't think I have the money off offer any more either.

There must be other products in the market that do a similar job that I can try before making a decision on what to buy.

Can anyone give me any examples for any product that helps for market research and their genuine (not affiliate) opinion on what to go for?

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    if you have market samurai already the keyword research tool is free (for forever) its the other things on MS you have to pay the fee for.

    Stick to MS for the moment it the 30 day challenge will come around again soon.
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      Stick with market samurai and when you have the cash upgrade to use all the features, it is the best around and used by a lot of internet marketers out there
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    I stick with MS, great integration with other modules helps make life easier

    Visit new website at
    and join me for Free Tutorial at YouTube Louisa Chan

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    I highly recommend Market Samurai. This tool has great training videos and support.
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    Yes MS is worth keeping, especially all the functions available after the fee. You can analyze keywords every which way...
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    I use MS (paid) and Traffic Travis (free)
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    I use MS (Paid) its money well spent!! Its made me an obscene amount of money in the past and it will do in teh future!

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    If your funds are limited I would download Traffic Travis it's free...and...two it's good. I do think MS is better but Traffic Travis is very good to be a free tool.

    I did upgrade to Traffic Travis Professional but could not tell much difference from the free version.
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    I also use the paid version of market samurai and the free version of traffic travis. When it comes to analyzing seo competition, I mostly resort to traffic travis just because it's faster. A slow internet connection is really a big drawback when using market samurai.
    But my money would still go with market samurai any given day.
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    I agree with the others, stick with Market Samurai, it does take a bit of learning, but it's head and shoulders above anything else in my opinion.
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