A good article spinner please?

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Can anyone please suggest a good article spinner. I'm assuming that you get what you pay for but I'd still try a free one if it's good.

Please and thank you.
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    Steve Fullman's Wordpress plug in is a great spinner.. I know it's not a meant to be just an article spinner but I've used it as one and found it to be very good. http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...relegated.html
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    www.jetspinner.com - free
    www.thebestspinner.com - paid

    Another one that may interest you is www.ezarticlelink.com. Free silver membership, paid gold. If you have a website and you're willing to host a directory on your site then you can add upto 30 articles that they'll distribute to 100 directories (just like the one you'll be hosting) for free.

    There's a really good semi automatic spinner as a part of this package

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      I use "The Best Spinner" myself and it's really good. I know it's not free but seriously $77/year is about $6 a month, which is a ridiculously low no-brainer investment if you're involved in article marketing. That's my opinion anyway.
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    Here you go with some free article spinning tools:

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    My choice would be The Best Spinner. Yes, is a paid spinner but it is very simple to use and produces quality rewritten articles.
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    my choice also thebestspinner.i am using it now, it is very easy to use

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    yes, best spinner is good. I can export it using different delimiters and post them into another service (Articlemarketing automation) that can send hundreds of articles out.

    realised that i should spin the sentences and clauses first before spinning the individual words. Wasted a lot of my time when I did that for the first time.
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    I actually just did an adswap with this guy - but he has a free article spinner it looks pretty good, I have not used it yet. But if you want to check it out here is the link. Easy Article Spinner
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    I'm a big fan of submityourarticle.com. Spinner and submitter that produces good quality articles and plenty of backlinks.
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  • I havenĀ“t tried this one, but it looks interesting.

    Unique Article Spinner:
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    I've got one I wrote a while ago, uses classic {w1|w2} syntax. Send me a PM and I'll sort you out with a copy.
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    TBS, best spinner i ever used. People also say that the built in spinner with link-dozer is very good.
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    Definitely 'The Best Spinner'. It is the best one I have tried.

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    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    Magic Article Rewriter is a really good one, probably the best one I've used. It is a paid one though.
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      I have been using The Best Spinner for over 3 months.

      Very easy to understand.

      Does the job it said it would do. I'm happy.
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    As alot of others have already said, thebestspinner is by far the best software for spinning articles.
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    I recommend using the best spinner. It really takes the job off your hands. With one click, you can spin the article until it reaches the percentage of uniqueness that you like. Try it. It works.
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    when u spinning the article, did you check all the grammar or english stuff to make sure it pass eza?
    this make my curious how u check it?
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    Mass article creator by Adeel Chowdery...wow, how come no one mentioned him yet despite the fact that his software topped the charts at clickbank.

    Automatic article submitter is also awesome.
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    Magical Article Rewriter !

    Main reason: simple to use, import article and hit F1 and get going.

    If you have a good command of english you'll soon build up your own custom dictionary and articles later on will benfit from this.
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    Wow, I know where to come for article tools. You all are amazing.
    Champion of Simple and Easy
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    TBS FTW!!!!

    I'm amazed none of the spinning haters have bothered to display their ugly avatars.


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    Tried em all.

    The best Spinner eats them all for breakfast.

    By a MILE.
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      What are the most important features for an Article Spinner?

      To narrow it down a little, lets keep it to Article Spinners for producing decent content for people to read.
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    TheBestSpinner is good. I use it but don't you think it's a little bit overpriced?
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      The best article spinner hands down
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    The Best Spinner is something i been using a few days ago spin profit came across my desk it a FREE tool I have not try it yet but hey it worth a shot..SpinProfit - Free Article Spinning Service
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    Are the articles that have been spinned by The Best Spinner accepted by ezinearticles??
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      Originally Posted by adriano9 View Post

      Are the articles that have been spinned by The Best Spinner accepted by ezinearticles??
      Depends how unique you make them!

      Same with any spinner really... but ive had a few accepted by ezine that i have spun with the best spinner but it is a bit hit and miss and does depend on how unique they are and who review's them.

      Mark Blaze
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    The best spinner is a good one, although the thesaurus is a bit lame (but still the best I've tried... go figure). And somehow the spinner messes up URLs. But nothing is perfect.. This is the one I use (and my outsource dudes).
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      I've used a lot of Article spinner's/submitter and I find that there a few good enough free ones and a couple of cheaper systems but they all have little annoying flaws.

      Messing up URL's refusing to work because I spell words in English and not American English and turning a 500 word article into a 200 word paragraph of nonsense.

      i hate to pay for stuff but found that using the free ones where taking up more time than they where saving. So I bit the bullet and got my hands on what I can only describe as a total lifesaver, The Magical Article Creator/Submitter. I really think this is one of the best choices I've ever made.
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    Using a spinner is definitely useful for internet marketers. But I think thebestspinner is not suited for starters, speaking about investments... So I can recommend easyarticlespinner.net because although the tool is for free, it can still produce decent spun results.
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    I use The Best Spinner and I'm very happy with the results.

    Also, the creator constantly updates and adds new features to it all the time which is always good to know.

    Hope this helps

    James Scholes
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    Can someone in here confirm that article spinning even works at all post panda update on friday 14th last week ? i would really like to know , as im sure alot of people would

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    The Best Article Spinner just added a feature that, with one click, will output articles based on your keyword.

    You go to "Publishing" tab at top and select "Content Creator"

    I just had two articles accepted by EZA done this way. I suggest you check it out.
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    Point Blank - The Best Spinner is the best spinner. I know most people spend $77 dollars a year for it, but I got it from someone right here on WF, that offers it or $47.00 a year

    ...And it is the real thing. Not a crack product!

    Im just not sure if that offer is still available.

    How Can I help...
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    Before making an investment for any software or spinning tools, you may want to try the free ones at first. I find this free article mixer helpful especially to UAW articles. While on my point of view, there is nothing better than having your articles spun by professional rewriters who will not comprise its quality. There are plenty of people out there who can do this job for you without paying too much. It is very important to provide unique and quality articles than having thousands of garbage contents.
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    Hey if you want a free article submitter like tbs .give a try rewrite-assistant dot com

    Products that make you awesome


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      I understand "why" people use article spinners, but I have one important suggestion (call it a request LOL).

      If you must use one to save time (totally understandable)....

      make sure you actually READ the ENTIRE article before you go submitting it places!!

      *Especially* if the spinner "also" submits.

      You won't believe the junk I get daily (to the tune of deleting upwards of 500 articles a day) that are mis-spun (if that's a word).

      Seriously - many times we actually see the } or | or ( that is supposed to be the placeholders for the keywords that are supposed to be changed, so what ends up happening is it coming through like this:

      {fitness|workout|gym routine

      Looks kinda tacky and never gets approved.

      Worse yet, they might "look" okay (no visible signs of spinning), however when you actually READ what is there, its absolutely horrible grammatically and for valid English. (Missing "the" and "a" words for example).

      So please please PLEASE, use article spinners - but do them wisely. Just because you saved time from "writing" the article, doesn't mean you should save time by skipping reading each one, thinking they're automatically ok. Many MANY are not.

      And I can say that with authority since I've seen the results of article spinners since the very first one came out....

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        I agree with everything dimeco says above.

        Spintax causes huge problems in that it demands a lot of extra work from the author, and it turns up in the article when an author misses a bracket.

        Even phrase-based spinners like my own, Professor Spin, (link in sig), get it wrong sometimes. :rolleyes:

        Proof reading is crucial! Either way, you should be putting a quick human touch on ALL automatically spun articles, be it to jumble up the paragraphs, or to ad/subtract some segments to really throw googles duplicate content radar off the scent.

        Abstract brand name generator. FREE.
        __________________________________________________ ___________________________
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    Spinnerchief,has all or about all the features of TBS but is free.
    Do a search on here for a thread in titled (best spinner vs spinnerchief),or vice versa.

    Both product creators got involved in this one.A nice interesting thread.
    I use Spinnerchief all the time.As a matter of fact,just did all the content for my new site i just put up last month.So far for my main keyword i am #4,page 1 on Bing and Yahoo,and number 13 on Google.

    It is all spun plr.Then copy scaped,and i used plagiarism checker by search engine reports,no dup content.
    I will be your Digital Assistance for cheap.PM me.
    I can help relieve your work load.Pm me

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    definitely thebestspinner.com, IMO
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    Hi ,

    I am using "the best spinner" and that is doing good for me. You can try this.

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    I vote for Spinnerchief . Great thesaurus, quality spun articles and have a free version !
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    paid stuff : thebestspinner
    free stuff : spinner chief

    I'm using both and got same high quality
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    Whether you believe it or not there is no such thing as a "good" article spinner, however there are tools that can help mass production a lot easier. For example i use spinchimp (does the same as TBS and less than half the cost), I write an article, then rewrite each sentence 3 times given me 100s if not 1ks worth of unique articles. Takes a bit longer, but well worth it in the end.
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    Spin Chimp. I used TBS but find SC easier to work with and cheaper. Results are better too.
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    TheBestSpinner is the best there is. A steal at $77 per year.
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