Top 5 products that can help you if you are getting into affiliate marketing

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Here's my List of Top 5 products that can help you if you are getting into affiliate marketing.

I wish I had these products when I started out.

1. Affiliate Project X :This product gives tons of good advice on affiliate marketing. You won't find basics in there. Just hard core tips.

If you want to learn basics like creating sites, uploading files etc... this is not the place.

2. Affiliate Business Blueprint (Jim Edwards and Rosalind Garder):
Now This product is good because Jim Edwards is good. Rosalind,

3. 33 days to Online Profits (yanik Silver): Now this product will take you through basics to advance by taking your hands. Hands down the best product to start with.

4. 7 Day Ebook (Jim Edwards & Joe vitale) : This will teach you how to create product/Ebook in 7 days. A great product for learning how to create it.

5. Stomping the Search Engines (1 & 2) : So far this one is the only big one in the list. But you can always get the transcripts of Stomping the Search engines 2004 version which is still as good as it was then.

I wanted to add another product in the list which will show you how to turn words into traffic.

Jim Edwards :Turn words into traffic. A good guide to article writing and marketing. You'll learn the attitude and skills of good article marketer. One of the essential skills right now.

If you notice I've included 1 Search Engine Optimization, 1 Creating proudcts, 1 basic product, 1 Advanced version. In fact this is all what you need to Succeed in Affiliate marketing.

You should be able to create websites (33 days to online marketing, Affiliate business blueprint)

You should be able to bring traffic to your site (Stomping the search engine and turns words into matter)

You should be able to add some heavy matter like products in your profits (Joe vitale ebook on writing ebooks)

and Essentially You should know some of the advanced version of promoting your stuff. That's it. Take Action on this list.

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    A freebie I find really good is the Newbies Fast Cash Secrets by Casey Gentles which can be found here: Article Marketing Secrets Revealed- Make $4000+ Per Month

    You can get it by scrolling down a bit.
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    That's another vote for affiliate project X, seems like I should take a look at it.
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    Wealthy Affiliate

    Adwords Miracle

    Optin Profts
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    Thanks for this list. There are so many products out there that a review like this is really needed!
    "One can not learn when one thinks he already knows" [Epictetus]

    I'm also active on - Twitter - Facebook
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      Affiliate project x was a great ebook in its day and still a good read. I've been with wealthyaffilaite for 3 1/2 years. A good place to start for newbies. A great place for experience marketers to brand themselves. They have some good marketing tools also.
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    All products from Lee McIntyre
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    AFFILIATE PROJECT X is the most exceptional guide ever written for marketers... It still reveals stuff/. Just wish Chris X had elaborated a little more on certain things...
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    For those who want to learn the basics in website creation and ftp chris farrell is the place for you. Very good.
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    30 day challenge has got to be the best resource out there for niche marketing.

    I think the new one starts on July 1st.
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    I've made my first sale online using Jonny Andrew's Money Siphon System, and got my first Clickbank check using a combination of that and 30 day challenge.
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    Where is Commission Blueprint 2 on there?
    Affiliate Review Templates - get affiliate review templates every week. No tech or marketing skills required!
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    AFFILO BLUEPRINT from Mark Ling
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