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iv been sick to death of my PC for a while.

the slow speed, reguler crashes ect have all been grating on me.

iv heard stuff about MACS being a lot better. more reliable and easier to use.

can anybody shed some light on these rumers.

plus is the MAC worth the higher cost.

thanks a bunch in advance
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    Having been a PC user for years & years, I converted to an iMac in Feb this year(for the same reasons).

    I don't see a reason to go back to a PC - I find the iMac to be excellent.

    Only trouble is, they just bought out the new notebooks, and I want one of those too!

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    If you know how to build your own pc you will be happier with your own white box machine. If you are not able to build your own, then it seems most people are happier with macs, mainly because of the convenience. If your computer is out date you can't blame it on being a pc, you are just trying to run applications that are way ahead of the hardwares time.
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      Originally Posted by ahuddy View Post

      If your computer is out date you can't blame it on being a pc, you are just trying to run applications that are way ahead of the hardwares time.
      thats just it, my PC is less then a year old.

      it cant be that ourdated.
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        Went to Mac 2 years ago...will NEVER go back to PC!

        Have not had one single issue...

        No viruses

        No crashes

        No security problems (that I know of)

        Not sure just yet how Mac will be for IM? Many of the pluggins/web designer software etc are for PCs.

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          I also went to Imac about 3 months ago and endorse what everybody here has said. There is software called parallels which allows you to run windows within the mac system and it works really well. Also something called boot camp which allows you partition your disk to run windows and osx. Not as flexible as parallels but your mac then becomes a dedicated PC as well.

          If you are a gamer then stick to the PC but other than that no contest


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    Do you run maintenance on the PC like, virus scanning, defragmenting, adaware removal,temporary junk file flushing?

    Did your PC always give these issues or have they just started, increased incidences through the last weeks?

    Kris Mainieri(sic?) has or had a WSO about keeping your PC in top shape .I don;t have a link but, do a search in the WSO section it is titled "Thank you"
    It might fix the trouble for the price of an ebook.

    Good luck
    p.s.I too dislike wyndoz
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    I'd really like to get a Mac set up for my work or at the very least in addition to my current PC set up to start off with.

    The Mac just kinda makes sense for the Marketer especially with video marketing going through its growth stage now. Sure you can do the same on the PC but it takes so much more effort and fumbling around to get it right.

    The Mac softwares just let you use your brain power in more effective ways.

    I've tried the Mac, can't afford it now but if I was given a choice, Mac is the way to go.
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