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This is opening up for the general public today, April 27, but I know Mike Auton's list got a back door and I was wondering if anyone had tried it yet. I'm VERY interested, but I'm curious if the traffic strategies being taught are paid techniques. I've tried Mike's Google Wealth Magnet, which is a solid product, but PPC and other paid ads are not in my immediate budget.

I'd love to hear other reviews and maybe a little bit more detail of what the actual course entails.
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    yes, it is a paid traffic from what I can tell, from what I was to glean from an affiliate site is that you input keywords and the software will return sites that supposedly get high traffic on those keywords, display ads such as adsense blocks, then will scrape the email address of the site owner. Then you contact the owner and negotiate a deal to display your ads on their sites. But it could be something different, the sales video tells you absolutely nothing which is pretty annoying.
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      Are the main traffic machines of the Hard Cash Hijack PPC services except Adwords?
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    I too am interested to know what it's all about. I will look forward to reading more posts about this product.

    Dan Black

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    Here is a link to a PDF they were providing, it explains more in depth what this is about

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      So why would you buy ads directly from the site when you can do straight media buys with Google content network/image ads or wholesale media buys?

      In the example they provide in the pdf (35 bucks a month, 500 hits per day) we're talking 2 bucks cost per thousand impressions.

      What am I missing here? You can get that **** with googles content network without going through the trouble of contacting this site owner or that site owner... paying this site owner or that site owner.

      Have the cost of bulk media buys and googles content network gone up by that much?
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        I read the sales page and it sounded like PPV to me however they mentioned something along the line of "no more confusing PPV"...

        So, I reckon you are right, they act as a middle man, the tool allows you to find the niche and they give you an indication of the expected traffic and the cost per month; you buy the service off them, they buy the ad and send the traffic your way.

        Their profit is in the mark up of the traffic they sell you but the benefit is in theory they know the best places to target and the best ads to put up.

        Hmmmm.... if you were a total newbie this would be awesome but I guess if you know your way around PPV and can create good ads in the right places, you wouldn't need this.

        Anyone purchased a copy who can confirm this?
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          You'd think, that if they're really sure of their product, they wouldn't mind giving you at least a hint of what they're selling on their sales page. But I couldn't find a clue.

          I did discover that there is the basic program, which is Windows-based, and a Platinum program, which is web-based. $67 gets you in the door. And, of course, there is no mention of the Platinum program until after you've already bitten on the first hook. Then you get the upsell after you find out all the things that are missing from the "Basic" program.

          And, I don't know this for a fact, but I would be willing to bet that the web-based "Platinum" program involves an ongoing monthly fee.

          This kind of marketing gets up my nose, so I won't give them my $67 no matter how effective the program is.
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          Originally Posted by Lifechanging View Post

          I read the sales page and it sounded like PPV to me however they mentioned something along the line of "no more confusing PPV"...

          So, I reckon you are right, they act as a middle man, the tool allows you to find the niche and they give you an indication of the expected traffic and the cost per month; you buy the service off them, they buy the ad and send the traffic your way.

          Their profit is in the mark up of the traffic they sell you but the benefit is in theory they know the best places to target and the best ads to put up.

          Hmmmm.... if you were a total newbie this would be awesome but I guess if you know your way around PPV and can create good ads in the right places, you wouldn't need this.

          Anyone purchased a copy who can confirm this?

          No, this isn't PPV. And their sales page is awfully vague, but if you've been around long enough, you'd have taken into account all the possibilities and got rid of the ones they said they were not teaching, which was anything to do with article marketing, blogging, SEO, Adwords, PPV, etc.

          What they didn't mention was Banner Advertising, which is obvious in this case. I hate riddle-like salespages, but this one was obvious after you've figured out that, there are cheap advertising costs, they mention 80% of traffic doesn't come from Google, and from the similar Banner Ad Blueprint launch a couple months back, they said pretty much the same thing about the Search Engines only being a small amount of the internet's traffic.

          And from that teaser PDF they gave, its obvious they're offering a software that looks for high trafficked niche targeted sites in which you can advertise on. But, like imlogic says, we could use the Google Content Network without bothering to talk to the site admins. Of course, though, it's still not THAT hard to find these sites on your own either.

          For now we need someone who's bought it to tell us how it EXACTLY works, and if there is actually more to it than what we've gathered.
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            Originally Posted by juniorbiz View Post

            For now we need someone who's bought it to tell us how it EXACTLY works, and if there is actually more to it than what we've gathered.
            I guess it's too much to ask for getting this info from the actual product developers. Looks like software developed on the old adwords 180 concept, there are other programs that do this that have been out for awhile

            this is a traffic getting system, it won't make you money by itself and you will need money to implement it, so unless you have a successful marketing system in place I wouldn't bite if I was a newbie, which it appears the hyped up secretive sales process is trying to get you to do.
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              I bought it, because for that price, why not... -- but to be honest haven't played with the software yet, so I can only speak to the general concept (not sure why all the cloak and dagger stuff on the sales page). This is what it's supposed to do: find highly ranked sites for particular keywords (you have to find those); it also tells you how many daily visitors site gets, how much it earns from Adsense, for some sites it'll give you contact email as well. The idea is for you to then go out and contact administrators and cut a deal to advertise on their site, cheaply (presumably they do not know how to monetize because they only have adsense). So it's basically software and a guide with some of their advertising tips and strategies-- some kind of cool, some for total beginners, which I guess is ok too. There were some upsells as well-- more software, a more expensive monthly membership of some sort-- didn't go for or pay much attention to those... they make you sit through a long, vague upsell video to get to your download page... very annoying
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                Indeed, very annoying videos and too many upsells, plus they are pushing more stuff after you decide to take the basic package or the platinum.
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                  I purchased it two days ago .. Was really taken it by their sales pitch . Their sales pitch claims almost everything is automated .. You just key in this , that and you're done . Nothing like that at all .. Firstly only after you have purchased , do they tell you that if you want all the automation they are advertising , you have to upgrade to a higher product with a monthly fee . I think thats unethical selling when they dont mention any of this in their sales pitch . [ there are also further upsells and more ]

                  Secondly besides searching for suitable websites which seems automated to an extent . What you have to do in addition is contact these webowners yourself manually, than negotiate with them to place your ads on their websites . You obviously will than have to pay these owners a monthly fee. So more money to fork out . So maybe this is doable for someone with cash and time , but it is definetly not the easy impression you are given by their sales pitch ..

                  If it really was , would they be selling to you at $67 a month when according to them you could make thousands a day . I should have known better
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    I am always skeptic to make a purchase on something when the sales page doesn't give you ANY information on what the product does.


    I agree with you. Just doesn't make any sense.
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    Listen..... if you come across a sales page where they don't even show you a demonstration or offer a trial for a piece of software... then forget it. You can tell right then and there that the person behind the product has somewhat of a shady personality!

    Someone who "hides" the product or doesn't really give you much information about it is most likely someone you don't want to work with. As soon as I saw this sales page I thought "what a joke".

    Use your gut feeling when seeing these things and think logically not emotionally..!
    Cut The Crap & Give Me The Goods...!
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      Well,i am also one of the poor guys who purchased this product.

      I have so far read the half ebook.The concept is basically good to me but this is not what i was expecting.

      The major outline of the book is to use Banner Advertising as mentioned by others to promote affiliate products or your own products and dominate your niche instead of using Google Adwords and paying lots of cash for clicks.

      He shows the users how to contact a webmaster and conduct an efficient deal with him for low cost and also use sophisticated banners and catchy titles instead of plain graphics.He advices users on list building and many more issues.

      He provides a software called Traffic Control.The sole purpose of the software is to check for websites based on the keywords provided by the user to find websites that use ONLY adsense and not clickbank so that they won't get the impression that you will use affiliate products on their website.It also shows estimated earnings of website and possible amount of visitors.

      Although,i havenot used the software so far but read it.

      Anybody interested in it then pm me.


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    The concept itself is very powerful... basically works trading banners. You have a software that search the net for highly ranked sites with a high level of traffic, and little monetizing process, so you can contact the site owner and place a banner on this site.
    The software somehow seems to predict the traffic and income level you may receive by placing an ad banner on it.
    I like the idea, but I´m not very fond onto placing banner ads...
    ==> Negocios Estables en la Web Internet marketing en español.

    ==> Internet Marketing Newbie Created for IM virgins
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      They say that the traffic source is 6x bigger then google,yahoo and msn combinded,well how can it be if they are only targeting sites with adsense on them?
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    From reading everyones' posts, I think I'll pass on this product. Sounds like stuff I can already find out for myself. Thanks for the info gang...

    Dan Black

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    I bought it and the upsell.

    The main PDF is well written, but as already mentioned, not particularly groundbreaking stuff. In fact, this is a very OLD concept - buying ad space on other people's sites.

    But, for those not already exposed to such methods, it may seem like the newest whiz bang way to wealth...good luck.

    The Traffic Control software is ok, but it only saves a small amount of time, in my opinion. There are dozens of free tools available that can help you get the same competitive data, starting with the Google Adwords tools.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a solid profit model. It's just not so quick and easy as you might be led to believe. And for those who asked about this versus the Google content network, the main difference is with this technique you can negotiate a flat monthly rate with a site owner and then get as many clicks and sales as you can. Whereas Big G charges you either per click or per thousand impressions, which can adversely affect your ROI if you don't watch closely.

    I too thought the sales process sucked and was actually cussing at Mike to hurry the f%&k up! Geez, how many long ass videos do I have to watch? You know what they say - you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Fail.

    The upsell is a banner split tester and tracker, that's it. For $47 a month! Surely there is a similar app out there for a paltry one-time fee?...

    In short, it looks as though this purchase and the upsell (definitely the upsell) will be added to my ever-growing list of refunds, bummer. I'm gonna play with the software a bit more and see if I can come up with anything promising, but in my first few runs the results were dismal for what I considered very hot keywords. If I have any updates, I'll post them here.

    Hope this helps,
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    i got mine, look like interesting but i don't have the time yet to try it out
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      Has anyone really used this product yet? Is so
      please review or PM me.
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        Hey, check this out:

        What I'm about to tell you is why the Warrior Forum is such a great place to 'keep your feet on the ground' with internet marketing. Btw I read posts but rarely comment 'cause surfing forums takes lots of time.

        ...But this one's different. Anyway, I had reached the download page for "HardCashHijack" (by the way, from now until the end of my life I'm making myself a promise: Anytime I see an IM product name that sounds this cheesy or 'pie in the sky promising,' I'm going to rescue myself from the lost money and time that it promises by immediately clicking the Back Button or closing out the page, but I digress :-)

        I'm sitting there stuck on the mandatory upsell video page - a very sleazy marketing tactic by the way - and it occurs to me that maybe there's already been some talk about this very same product on the Warrior Forum.

        ...You can guess where this is going: So I open another tab in my browser and head here. I read all the posts so far - and it even includes some folks that have already bought it - then open the tab of the still-running monologue of why I need the upsell to make squat out of this over-hyped product.

        So now I do something I've never 'accomplished' with a Clickbank purchase:

        Empowered with this new info here on this forum that - like two hands reaching up and grabbing my ankles from overhead and pulling my gullible a** back down to the ground - I request a refund while the video is just ending...without even downloading the product!

        Thanks guys!


        PS: This product pitch was not a total loss: It reminded me of the great profit potential in contacting site owners who don't know their own sites' potential, and negotiating good deals.
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    I bought this product after it was pitched to me in an email by one of the so called gurus. I was sucked into the sales page hook, line and sinker. I did get that it had something to do with banner advertising and thought I could add it to my arsenol. The sales page said that it was all automated, blah, blah, blah, lies and more lies.

    Folks this is one of the biggest ripoffs I have seen in a while.

    First off, I purchased this product for 67.00 and I thought that was reasonable until AFTER I purchased thru clickbank did the SLEW of upsells come. 1st was upgrading to platinum. The sales page states that this was automated, but come to find out I had to purchase the platinum upgrade for it to become automated. I purchased it for an additional 37.00 and of'course this was a monthly charge. After that came another upsell and then another which I did not purchase. There was a total of 4 upsells with salespages that made you believe you needed them for this system to work. After I went thru all this bs I finally got an email with confirmation and I went to log in and I couldn't. I sent a ticket into them and to their defense they took care of it quickly. I downloaded the crap there which was the info guide and the automated software that makes this mutha work. I was not able to download their FREE bonus items cause links were broke. As I was scrolling down the page I was AGAIN introduced to MORE upsells including Banner Ad Blueprint. What???

    The info guide was ok but not by any means awesome and the automation software sucked and was as slow as the 7 year itch. I submitted another ticket to the support desk pretty much saying what I am saying here and told them I wanted a refund. They never got back with me. Imagine that. So I sent another ticket and marked it as critical and they finally got back with me. They pretty much told me in a polite way to keep trying the program and software because it will make all my dreams come true and if I don't like it in 60 days let them know and they will issue a refund. Wtf, maybe they did not see the title to my support ticket stating I WANT A REFUND. I still have not received a refund yet.

    I have bought alot of info products, softwares etc. and I have never asked for a refund. I get the fact that some of it is "shiney objects" but if I get some kind of info out of them I am happy.

    What the people at Hard Cash Hijack are good at doing is Hijacking peoples hard earned money by big time deceit. This is a big ass ripoff and I would encourage you to not get suckered in.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisG View Post

      kickthe9to5, you can get a refund through clickbank directly without having to deal with these clowns
      I tried to get a refund from them and they palmed me off with some info that I should try. They don't seem keen to refund at all - which is not a good sign. :rolleyes:

      How do you get the refund direct from click bank? I am very determined to get the money back somehow.
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    Thanks ChrisG for the heads up. I will be doing that today.
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    Hey amethystrose, Yeah I got the run around from these yankoffs too but I got my refund quickly after I went thru clickbank. Go to clickbank . com. You will need to send in a support ticket telling them you want a refund and why. You will to type in your email address and also need your clickbank receipt number, last 4 of your credit card or paypal account. They will look up your purchase that way. They send you updates on the status of your refund. I received my refund within 2 days of contacting clickbank. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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