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Has anyone bought tactic 10? It is meant to be a secret traffic technique that "only the gurus know about".

Everytime I get tempted with a "secret technique" product it is usually a big let down. I prefer to buy something that tells me exactly what it is before I part ways with money.

But, on the other hand I need converting traffic to make a living and if there is something new then it will be worth the money.

I know I could just buy it and then if its not what I expected ask for a refund but I don't like asking for a refund as most sellers all but accuse you of being a freebie seeker.

Anyone bought it prepared to give it the thumbs up or down?
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    Harlan's stuff isn't anything special.

    All of his sales videos focus on "secrets the big gurus don't want you to know" but personally I think this is just a cheap sales tactic. He's appealing to people that want a "magic button" to make money online.

    The truth is (in summary) there ARE no secrets. Sure, there's tactics and strategies that you can be trained on. But all genuine businesses need hard work.

    If he positioned it as "10 easy-to-follow tactics to get you earning a living online, with training and support" then this would be a MUCH sales tactic. But the whole "gurus are gonna be mad at me because I'm revealing their secrets" is a load of rubbish IMO.
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    The only reason I would buy this is if he genuinely has a traffic method that can bring me conversions that I do not already know about and is a viable and workable method.
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    Just saw a review on another forum. Apparently it is about facebook ads. Wow! Biggest secret no one has ever heard of... Facebook...? Who are they again?
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