GVO vs. Hostgator+Aweber

by wtc
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Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide on hosting + autoresponder services atm and can't really make up my mind. My two choices are:

1) GVO (kiosk.ws) at $44.95/month
2) Hostgator $14.95/month + Aweber $19/month = $33.95+/month

The issue is with aweber, once my subscribers go over 500, I'm going to get charged more in which care the pricing becomes the same or higher than kiosk.ws. So really.. I assume pricing is around the same for both these options.

What I'd like to know is the quality and power of service for these two choices... particularly for the autoresponder services.

If anyone has experience with these services, please share with me your opinions?


PS- If there's an extremely important aspect that I'm missing when comparing.. let me know? I'm assuming the hosting services are par.
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