which the best software adder for facebook, twitter, myspace, myyearbook, stumbleupon, bebo, Hi5...?

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what i found:

twitter: friendadder elite, tweetattack, tweetadder, hummingbird, birdfeeer,jetbot..
facebook:friend adder elite ,facewizard, jetbot, facebook blaster..
myspace:friend adder elite,myfriendblasterpro,jetbot
linkedin: ??
others social networking bot:?? if anyone know.

correction: what* the best..

statistic on social networking traffic:

The Top 10 Most Popular Social Networks (2010)

  1. Facebook with 133,623,529 unique visits.
  2. MySpace with 50,615,444 unique visits.
  3. Twitter with 23,573,178 unique visits.
  4. Linkedin with 15,475,890 unique visits.
  5. Classmates with 14,613,381 unique visits.
  6. MyLife with 8,736,352 unique visits.
  7. Ning with 6,120,667 unique visits.
  8. LiveJournal with 3,834,155 unique visits.
  9. Tagged with 3,800,325 unique visits.
  10. Last.fm with 3,473,978 unique visits.
source: http://webtrends.about.com/b/2010/03...l-networks.htm
other info: http://blog.compete.com/2009/02/09/f...ocial-network/
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    Facebook adder and myspace blaster are good
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    I own and have used *every* jetbot (the $4500 package), friendadder pro, tweet attacks, hummingbird, tweet following, facewizard, facebook/myspace blaster and more...

    I will say though that if you have the money and the plan then jetbots is BY FAR the best collection of tools for social media marketing. They are slow on updates though which IS an issue but nevertheless they have such a variety of powerful bots that there isn't anything comparable to them.

    The best facebook software on a budget is facewizard at the moment...However Facebook friend adder pro is catching up fast and liveybrowser always makes incredible tools. FFAP is better in most tasks than FW, but has less features at the moment. (this is a very new software)

    Tweet Attacks is the best twitter software out there. Easily. Tweet following is good. Hummingbird is now ancient history.

    All blaster products (facebook/myspace) are absolute JUNK and the price reflects this.

    I tend to use a combination of various tools to get the task done, because each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The prices range from 30-4500 depending on your choice so you have to pick carefully the software/bot that's right for you. Generally speaking if its not within your budget it's probably not going to be a good investment for you.

    However, if you're doing social media marketing on FB and twitter and you don't want to shell out thousands for jetbots then facewizard and tweet attacks is the best combination of tools for the job at very reasonable prices.
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      Stumbled across this post when searching for Facebook Friend Adders.......as it seems a bit dated, I will update it for everyone else with my findings......

      - Facebook Wizard- no longer exists
      - Facebook Blaster- doesn't work at the moment (version 10). Friend adding feature doesn't work.
      - Facebook Adder, same thing....doens't work when adding friends.

      - Ocommunity Facebook friend adder works and is kept up to date.

      Most of these friend adders can't keep up with FB updates, so they don't work. FB blaster pro AND FFAP don't offer any support and can't keep up.

      - I've heard a lot of good things about jetbots friend adder, which I am seriously considering with such a high price tag. The biggest feature for them is, they state that you can send out up to 1,000,000 friend request per day, which is HUGE!! Anyone have experience with this?
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    Thanks for providing amazing information. And " Facebook has more than 845 million active users." OMG! This is just unbelievable.

    I found this from HERE and this is totally JAW-DROPPINGamount of unique visitors.
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