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Who here uses it, and what sort of results have you had?

I ask because GetResponse warned me a month ago about spam complaints - but then said it was OK. Today I happened to look at my blacklist and there were HUNDREDS of emails on there I never blacklisted.

When I called GR to find out what was going on I was told they were "cleaning lists" and that all these people were ones who complained - there were a few hundred of them, some of them coming from Mailinator and other places I blacklisted long ago.

Not sure what to make of it but I need a place with good delivery that will let me import my various lists. I've never spammed anyone and can't - I use double-opt in, for crying out loud.
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    Hello, Cotum.

    I've been away from the forums for a while but there are a number of threads on the forum that discuss deliverability. Anyone can "claim" any level of deliverability and some of our competitors do make some interesting claims.

    The good news is that by using services like senderscore[dot]org, senderbase[dot]org, and reputationauthority[dot]org, you can verify deliverability, overall reputation, etc... for any of the autoresponder services.

    As for GetResponse cleaning your lists, that really just makes sense. Like any reputable autoresponder service, they don't want to keep having mail go out to addresses that are complaining. That hurts deliverability, credibility, reputation, etc... for all of us.

    Frankly, we'd be removing addresses that complained, as well.

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