The Best Affiliate Marketing Course of 2010!

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I’m looking for an affiliate marketing course to recommend to my readers.

I don’t care how the sales page converts. I don’t even care about making money with the course. All I care about is that it’s a good value for my readers.

The course could be free or paid, but must focus heavily on the basics, because most of my readers are people who haven’t made any money online yet.

I learned affiliate marketing several years ago from Jim Edwards, Rosalind Gardner, Dr. Andy Williams and my own trial and error, but I simply don’t have time to create my own course right now.

So, I’m just wondering what is on the market now that you have found to be a good value?

Right now I think that the “30 day challenge” is my best choice. In your opinion, does any other course top that?

John P
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    Till May of 2010, I found very few courses worth the money spent for. Honestly also matters with the product/course designers.

    One product I can simply recommend for any Newbies is Auto Content Cash by Brian Johnson. He's truly an amazing guy with honesty with his students. He simply doesn't forget his customers just after the sales page. He keeps updating his product and at the same time lets his students all about the changes.

    One cool thing with his product is the Webinar . Simply cool.

    There maybe some other courses that I don't know about.

    All the best for you and your readers.

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    John, agreed. 30DC or The Challenge, as it's going to be known is great overall. It's definitely a long drawn course though. Here's another one that folks can usually complete in less than 2 weeks, and takes another approach. (not aff. link)

    You could check it out as a trial, and then see which one meets the needs of your audience best.
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    Hey John,

    Look at the link in my sig. If you like what you see, PM me with your email address and I'll email you a review copy.
    "One can not learn when one thinks he already knows" [Epictetus]

    I'm also active on - Twitter - Facebook
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    I guess I wouldn't be much of a salesperson if I didn't let you know about my beginner course. It's geared toward the total greenhorn. See the second link in my sig, let me know if you have questions.
    Free ebook: Affiliate Marketing: Just the FAQs
    Affiliate marketing for brand spankin' newbies
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    Well for 2010 I think the affiliate millionnaire was pretty good.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    I highly recommend any new person online seriously consider (Not an affiliate link) I don't know how others learn, but this guy is face to face with you daily through step-by-step videos, free hosting, you name it and he is very active in his forum.

    Just my two cents for newbies.
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