xSite Pro does it do what I need ?

by WayneT
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Hi Everyone,
I need some advice, I need to buy a program that will enable me to build Sales letters, thank you pages etc. I also need a program that will help me build full sites, it appears that X Site Pro will do this, I would value other warriors comments and advice on this.
Naturally any advice given is not final etc etc legal disclaimer, I do need some other ides though


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    We use XSitePro for a couple of sites (FreeComputerConsultant.com is one, but that site is a little dated in appearance).

    You can read my review from here:

    [Affiliate link deleted by moderator]

    Track your affiliate sales back to the ARTICLE or WEBSITE that generated the sale. CBSaleTracker

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      I am learning to use xSite Pro right now, and it should do everything you need it to do. It is fairly easy to learn, and they have lots of templates and support. In fact they a whole website that is devoted to teaching you to learn how to use it.
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    Hi I also use X-Site Pro and it is a fab piece of software. You can pretty much create anything you like with it - it is extremely easy to use. You can put out a professional site quickly and easily. You can change, fonts,colors,layouts etc with a few easy clicks!

    I would really recommend this software!
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    I have xsitepro2 and it's a great piece of software for building sites. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Xheaderpro by the same people is pretty cool too and has a free version. There are sales page templates included. I must admit though if I am just doing a squeeze page or thank you page I more often than not just use kompozer.
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    Xsitepro is is superb and I use it in preference to wordpress. Although there are many templates you can use, I prefer to use the blank site and create my own header and design the site the way I want. This is easy with all the tools at hand and you can literally add what you want with a few clicks. There is also a facility to ensure your site is correctly optimised for seo purposes - tells you your seo score and what to do to get it higher. Great!
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    XSP is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox.

    Recommend it thoroughly

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    If you are an affiliate marketer then I have to say Instant Site Launcher. It comes with everything you could possibly need;

    You get complete niche websites covering every imaginable niche, professional graphics, completely customizable even if you have zero html or coding experience. It comes with squeeze pages, pre-written articles, sitemaps, privacy pages, etc.

    Thread is CLOSED
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      XSitePro is one of the best when it comes to site building. Many people here use it and some are veteran site builders. I use it for many of my sites. If you don't have a lot of experience, it can get you going in a few hours of study. After the first one you build, you can turn sites out in a few minutes.

      It has plenty of features that I have not found elsewhere.


      Sales Page Builder:Make Your Own Professional Sales Pages
      Software For Collectors, Business:Check it Out

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    X-site Pro's new header graphics program X-header like mentioned before is really helpful - you can get a free trial but can access thousands of templates for a very low fee of under $30 - I use X-header to design my own header graphics. Sometimes I combine two of their graphics and make an unique one or use a template from them and put my own image on - endless possibilities
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    Personally I love Xsitepro. Before I was a Wordpress addict, but now I hardly use it anymore. In Xsitepro I can have everything I want, including sales letters and any kinds of sites you'd ever want to see. And it's darn easy to use. Thumbs up from me.
    Jewels of Cyprus - my personal blog
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      I love XSP too. I've used it for about 4 years and as others have written, it can do anything you need. Unlike kislany, I've gone in reverse....from an XSP addict to a WP addict! Not because of any probs with the former, I just like blogging rather than updating websites.

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    I've yet to find anything about XSP that I don't like - it does it all from analyzing your content for SEO to affiliate linking. Have been using it for several years with very good results. Be sure to grab a copy of the X headers free or paid too.

    I just got an email that indicates a video tutorial programs is being released by XSP too..how good is that?
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      Its expensive if you are talking about the complete-guide-to-website-building crash course put out by Xsitepro. Its a video course of 26 modules. $200 for one year access.
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    Thanks to all of you who have taken time to answer this question.
    It is apparent that this software has a large and loyal following. I have taken all advice into account and even though I use Wordpress I will also be buying XSite Pro in the very near future.

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    I have been using XSitePro for about 4 years now and have built scores of sites. You can't go wrong with this software.

    Making Online Business Simple!

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