Thanks Ameet Karn for fixing my screwup fast!

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Last week sucked!

Over a week ago I totally screwed up my blog by installing/uninstalling a WP plugin and could not figure out how to fix it. (If you've ever done such a thing you understand the desperate, helpless, angry feeling that overcomes you.)

As luck would have it I had a few mailings scheduled and, of course, my autoresponder kept pumping messages to my list not caring whether my site was down or not.

I searched and posted on the WF and many other forums looking for help and actually did get responses from a lot of decent people trying to help. But nothing worked.

I finally posted a project on scriptlance and met a guy named Ameet Karn who fixed my site for a measly $15. He was fast, thorough, and communicated with me every step of the way which is extremely important when he has the access 'keys' to every part of your virtual business.

My point for this post is two fold...

1.) To highly recommend Ameet's services if you screwed up a blog or anything else like I did. Here's the link to his site:

Ameet Karn's Website

Important: I'm not getting a nickle for recommending his services - its just the right thing to do.

2.) With all the hype and scams on the internet it is refreshing to know that there are good, honest, and talented, people out there willing to help. It may take awhile to find them but when you do hang onto them!

Have a safe and great Memorial Day weekend!

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