Frank Kern's Good Karma List Machine 2.0?

by Glyn
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A friend just forwarded me an email he got from Jeremy Schoemaker. In the letter Jeremy asked if anyone remembered Frank Kern's Good Karma List Machine. I just kind of rolled my eyes. That alongside Eben Pagan's Psychic Sales Letter are the two coolest marketing toys I wish I had the skills to use.

Well, it seems the ninja's Frank hired to write the cod actually STOLE a lot of it from a open source project. Frank had no idea of course.

So apparently a rather miffed Kern has had some new guys re-write it from scratch... and is "making it 10x better." Needless to say I got rather excited and was wondering if anyone had anything to add. The latest word is that the new program is in the final testing phase now... but that was some time ago.
#frank kern #good karma #list machine #upgrade

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