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Hi everyone,

I am not promoting this product, nor do I intend to. I simply wanted to post my opinion since I had trouble finding a good review when searching myself. This book is fantastic. Here's why.

What's Inside
When I got the email about X's Affiliate Black Book I was really skeptical. I looked around for reviews and finally decided to invest in it. It's actually not just a book that I got but also access to bi-monthly webinars and a paid blog and forum. Inside the blog are some really cool software tools as well.

Who's it for
The Affiliate black book is perfect for someone who has been doing PPC affiliate marketing for a while and wants to take it to the next level. We've all read about some of the topics I will touch on below, but this book takes it to another level. There are some example landing pages that were really eye opening and X explains clearly the psychology behind them.

The Affiliate Black Book
This book is written in an extremely entertaining manner that sucks you in and keeps you reading more. There is no fluff or long winded story about the author, it get right to the point. This book is packed full of killer strategies and quality content. X breaks down things in a manner that's easy to understand. I learned a ton of new stuff from reading this book.

I really liked the way X breaks down affiliate traffic into groups, and explains the psychology behind targeting different groups of people. He explains step-by-step how to structure PPC campaigns and create landing pages the right way for these target audiences.

The advice on keyword research would have saved me a ton of money when I first started. He explains how to avoid the junk traffic that wastes money and focus on the targeted groups I mentioned earlier.

Niche research can be confusing and it's easy to waste a lot of time if you pick the wrong niche where there's no money. X explains how to research and find a good money niche, and I learned many cool tricks I had never heard before.

Inside there is an absolutely incredible list of research sites and tools, along with an explanation of how to use them. This part alone is worth the cost of admission.

If you are not a total newbie but still struggling to really gain some momentum as an affiliate, you will benefit greatly from the Affiliate Black Book.
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    The thing with .X. is that he's a genuinely smart,
    creative, and resourceful guy.


    Most importantly, he actually gives a damn about his
    members. It's really obvious. Heck, I've contacted him
    more than once, and not only he responds—he delivers.

    And you know...

    While—initially—the ABB was not strictly aimed at PPC
    newbies, that's what I was when I joined. But it didn't
    stop me from progressing. On the contrary, learning
    from an experienced DO'ER greatly reduced my chances
    of developing bad habits and COSTLY mistakes.
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