My Top 3 Courses On PPC.

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Hey all, a friend asked me for a recommendation on some PPC training so I wrote this up for her and figured I'll post it here as others may get something out of it.

Jim Yaggi & Mike Dillard - PPC Domination

This course is a higher end course. I think it was $297 or $397 I honestly don't remember. I tried to find a link and all I can seem to dig up is fake review sites. The instructor for the course is Jim Yaggi, but this was primarily promoted at MLM'ers so Having Mike Dillards name on it helped alot.

If you come across the sales page you'll see the MLM slant but I can say with 100% confidence this course is great for any product wither as an affiliate or vendor. What I really love about this course is how Jim covers the buying cycle and the various stages within that cycle. More importantly he really explains how to learn and understand the mindset behind each keyword.

Jim is like a surgeon and tries to do everything with maximum precision. His course also follows the methodology I mentioned in the warrior forum post. He literally starts (and walks you through) creating a campaign around a single adgroup and small keyword set.

The great thing about starting campaigns this way is that you start out building a single landing page for your adgroup that is HIGHLY targeted and relevant.

The goal is to really connect with the searcher and mindset behind each keyword your bidding on. When you take this approach you get much better conversions (lower overall volume but much higher overall conversion).

This is ideal especially if you’re starting with a small budget since you will get a way better return on every dollar you spend.

The downside to this approach is that it takes more time to build out a full campaign. You’re pretty much hand crafting landing pages, ads and offers to target the perfect mindset based adgroup. But since your just starting out with PPC this is a GREAT way to learn.

Lastly Jim has some pretty cool mindmaps on how to easily expand a campaign and constantly find more great keywords to target. The way he does things really helps to find keywords and mindsets your competition is more than likely overlooking.

Another thing that really stands out from what Jim teaches compared to others is Jim's focus on teaching you how to think about keyword research instead of how to just use specific keyword tools

That in itself will put you ahead of 90% of other PPC advertisers.

There's no hidden secret with Jim's course...It's just that Jim's process is surgically precise.

X - The Affiliate Blackbook.

This is cheaper product then the one mentioned above but it's a really solid handbook to PPC. John (aka X) covers alot of ground in this book and he does have some ninja stuff that you may or may not agree with. Nonetheless what X teaches is effective and it's clear the dude knows his sh*t.

The downside I found is that the book feels a little loose. What I mean is there are no real step by step processes. It's more a collection of methodologies and best practices (X style). This one may or may not be harder to utilize as a beginner. If you do by this book just understand upfront this is not a step by step course.

Glenn Livingston – Hyper responsive Marketing Secrets

This guy is just bananas and takes precision marketing to whole other level (literally). Glenn’s course is a monthly program which I know kind of sucks, but Glenn delivers big time.

First I have to warn you that Glenn is an academic, He’s like a professor or PPC scientist (I'm dead serious). This dude has sophisticated but understandable processes, formulas, methodologies for every aspect of PPC marketing.

Before you even start a campaign he'll have you calculating potential traffic numbers, possible conversion rates, leads, etc. Again this is before you even launch a campaign.

When it comes to choosing keywords Glenn has a very unique method that I have not seen anywhere else. It's hard to explain in this post but the gist is you start with a single word or phrase that is the center of your keyword universe for your product or service, You then use a special process to identify the outer rings of related keywords. He then shows you a process on how to evaluate and create adgroups based on grouping together keywords of related mindsets from these outer rings.

Another thing Glen teaches that is pretty mind blowing is how to really reverse engineer the competitors in your marketplace.

He also shows you a magnificent process on how to learn the inner workings and mindset of your target market and target keywords by creating this automated information gathering command center.

He then goes over how to go through all this data and how to actually use and apply it to your entire marketing campaigns. This sh*t is straight GANGSTER. 99% of all marketers do not study their market like this. This process alone will put you in completely different class of marketing.

There's a ton more he teaches...I just can't describe it all.

Seriously this guy is just on a totally different level than ANYONE doing PPC...ANYONE.

Now the downside to Glenn is...his stuff is borderline overwhelming because it is just SO detailed. Some stuff Glenn does might even be over kill, but the way Glenn see's it is he wants to stack the odds in his (your) favor as much as possible...

The other downside is that because this is a monthly program you do have to wait to get all the pieces...But don't get me wrong here, Glen doesn’t just give you stuff for a month and leave you hanging. What Glenn does is give you stuff that should take you a month to complete.

That’s the problem you may have is that you may want to skip ahead to see what’s next, etc, even though you already have a crap load of stuff to work through already. Lastly Glenn can be abit dry when teaching. But he never put me to sleep because his stuff is just so interesting.

So there you have it...those 3 courses where the first 3 that came to mind. Another one that comes to mind is something by Greg Cesar, but I really don't want to write anymore right

The one thing all these guys have in coming (including Greg who I just mentioned) is they really focus on mindset behind keywords and building your PPC approach from that stand point.
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    You are truly one of those Warriors that just simply makes the WarriorForum such an awesome place.

    Thanks so much for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated and I will be working through my fears of PPC...thanks again, Warriors Rock!

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    That's awesome I was actually just trying to find a good PPC course recommendation and the first thing that pops up is your post.

    Thanks for this!
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    Thanks for the information with so many products to look at you just don't really know what one to work with.
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    Perfect timing for this, will use your review in my decision of which to buy.

    More opinions from PPC veterans here would be even better!

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    Great !!! Thanks a lot for the good informations . . .

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    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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      I hadn't heard of 2 of those courses, so thanks.

      Regarding the Affiliate Black Book, there's also
      the membership site that goes with the book.
      There's more "do this, do that" in the webinars,
      especially the recent ones (they're bi-weekly).

      I just wanted to point that out as it might not
      be obvious at first glance.
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    Thanks everyone. Hey Jordan, hope your doing well. Your right I did forget to mention the membership site. X does have some rocking stuff going on in there. This post was actually written for a friend or 2 who was having a hard time jumping into the whole buying traffic mindset.

    Ideally they wanted something that was very thorough and walked them step by step from the beginning of a campaign.

    X's Blackbook itself isn't really like that, but I think the blackbook is so solid I had to mention it. There are things and perspectives X's teaches that no one else does. But they make more sense and are much easier to implement if you already have the basics and fundamentals of PPC down-pat .

    I probably should have said more about the affiliate blackbook. It's just that what X teaches is more of a philosophy and approach to PPC. It's like getting an inside look on what PPC should be used for and how to use it X style.

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