Which payment provider would you recommend for your store?

by pana
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Which payment provider would you recommend for your store? I can't use google check out nor Paypal what other payment providers service can I use that people trust? I need it to accept payments from my store for my physical product? Any suggestions? Thank you!
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    2CheckOut is good one, although the fee is a little higher.
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    I hear 2CheckOut is good, and that apparently lots of buyers will choose them when given a choice.
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    Check out AlertPay they are gaining in popularity.
    I offer that to my customers as well as
    Paypal and Google Payments.
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    Will any of the listed payment be ok with process payments for replica goods? Thank you! Anyone that you can recommend? thank you!
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    You should get a merchant account.
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    what kind of a mechant account? And where do I get it? Thank you!
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    2checkout and paypal.. these are the best... I am using paypal for my hosting site and 2checkout for my Indian T shirt site.
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    You might also try opening up a merchant account at your bank.
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    paypal- for direct sales
    clickbank- for clickbank network sales
    paydotcom- for paydotcom .com network sales.

    I use all all of those on one website so I can increase the traffic from various sources.

    I'm using a special script which allows me to use all payment processors on one website without jepardazing my affiliate networks traffic.

    For example, if I my visitor comes from google the script shjows him paypal payment link.
    If visitor comes from clickbank affiliate the script shopws him a clickbank payment link so that affiliate can get his commissions. The same with paydotcom.

    Saves tons of money becasue I do not have to pay affilaite network fees when i make direct sales.
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