Ewen Chia Guaranteed Free Traffic System

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I'm getting so many get rich pitches I cant tell the mirrors from the smoke. Does anyone know if this is a decent product or not?

InternetWealth.com presents "Guaranteed Free Traffic System"!
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    I too am curious, anyone able to do initial review/thoughts
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    I don't know about that particular product, but I did just get Ewen Chias Autopilot Profits. It was o.k. in that it was an easy and simple ebook to follow - bonus - it went through different ways of free traffic building, however I don't think it was equivalent to all the hype in the sales copy. It didn't tell me too much I didn't already know.
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      In my opinion anything from Ewen Chia is very basic, way over hyped and is just general information on how to find keywords, analyse competitors etc.

      i too bought AutoPilot profits and wasn't impressed. you can learn way more just reading this forum for FREE!!

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    i dont really trust ewen chia based on we paid him a few thousand to create us a unique product.

    he said would probably be audio but it was an ebook
    secondly he had sold the same ebook to someone else so it wasn't unique.

    so that was 5000 dollars down the drain
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    I just pulled up a pop up ad. Autopilot Pilot Traffic Machine. My next move was to come to this forum and search the post. I love this site.

    Here is one site I purchased.

    I'd avoid this one it has out dated links. The site looks good but the links inside are things you can find for free on line. I've notice more than one site that practices this. They pull free sites off the net and incorporate them into a flashy web design. Then install a paypal button or alertpay. Then charge $20.00 to $40.00 for the site!
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    I have bought Ewen Chia's guaranteed free traffic system. Some of the stuff is not new but I found some useful information. I do not remember the exact cost but it was modestly priced - $19(?). I think its perceived value depends on how long the buyer has been at the internet marketing game.
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