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While it's not exactly an IM product, it is on the internet and it does teach how to start a specific business and make money.

$997 for a year's access seems kind of steep, yet I am intrigued by Bill Bartmann.

Has anyone gotten this product or gone to any of Bill's seminars? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Billionaire Business Systems
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    Actually never heard of him -- but his testimonials are so over the top I thought it was some kind of parody site for a minute: I mean, Mother Theresa, US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, and Muhammad Ali, among others. Pretty impressive.

    Somehow I don't expect to see any testimonials from Mother Theresa on any IM guru's site soon.
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    What I found shocking was that :

    a) I had only vaguely heard of this guy
    b) That the testimonials obviously are not fabricated but read like they are.
    c) That he has this much money and a web guy who didn't think it was important to make the opt in front and center.
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      Interesting article about the guy here:

      I Was A Loser, Baby, So Why Don't You Pay Me?

      Not sure if he's still a billionaire or not -- he went from rags to riches to bankruptcy... and then he became a motivational speaker.
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        'Billionaire University'...give me a break....please!!!! :rolleyes:

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          Yeah, I agree with all of the above. I thought total scam when I saw the testimonials, not to mention it is BILLIONAIRE U.

          I actually found a link through a Willie Crawford post here, and the more research I did on the guy, the more sincere he seems to be. He was a billionaire, then he went into bankruptcy due to some bad accounting that was proven later, that he was not aware of.

          He seems to have a good attitude after losing billions of dollars, which is more than most people here can say after losing $50 with PPC.

          I was just wondering if anyone (even Willie) had seen the actual program.
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            Bill Bartman's main business and the thing he pushes is buying up bad credit card debt form the FDIC and banks and collecting on those accounts. He did this in the 80's and became a billionaire. He lost it all by not selling out to a large corporation in the'90's. I think he was #25 on the Forbes list at one time. His story is pretty amazing. But his back end product is a $3000 course on how you can become rich buying up this debt and submitting it to collection agencies for a split of the recoveries.

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    I was just doing some research which dredged up this old WF thread.

    Bill's top product sold for $100,000 (through affiliates)!

    What is the highest priced product that you've ever promoted as an affiliate?


    Here's A Ready-Made High Ticket Product To Make Your Own.
    Click To Go BIG!

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    Went to a seminar he spoke at. Really nice guy. At lunch he paid for me as well as everyone else at the table.

    Seems like a genuine guy to me.
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    Talk about bringing up a blast from the past.

    I never did purchase anything from Bill.

    Is he still around and offering materials?
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    I used to work for Bill Bartmann's company CFS (Commercial Financial Services) in Tulsa, OK back in the late 90's until it went through bankruptcy. I was laid off and was able to take a couple months off to look for a new job. But I can tell you they had one of the best training programs for people who knew nothing about the debt collection industry. It was a great company to work for and I haven't found any other company like it (that actually shuts down and takes the entire company on vacation to places like Las Vegas, the Bahamas, Disney World in Orlando, etc.). I heard that he started up a another similar company called CFS 2.
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