Taking Back My Criticism -- Burn Your To Do List

by AnneE
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Yesterday I came and in a moment of frustration I posted criticism about Burn-Your-To-Do List service and recent site ownership sale.

I came back this morning to update the thread and report that my problems had been resolved and that I had actually gotten extremely prompt responses to 2 emails -- despite my less-than-gracious tone.

The thread I had posted in was closed -- the idea being that this service/site has recently changed hands and that we should give the new owner time to take the reins. I won't comment on the sale of the site, but I do have to say that I totally have to take back my report of my own situation.

I'm planning to create some work requests and will keep an open mind.

I guess as the case often is with criticism -- it's best to let your frustration sit and get a bit of perspective on it, and see if evidence arises that changes your mind. My mistake.

I might even go a step further and recognize that some part of my feeling that Rachel had taken the money and run, was perhaps envy over her financial success. Dumb, dumb, and dumber on my part. Don't envy other's success. I saw a quote recently, "you can't become what you resent" -- very true. No, way to become successful -- whether financially, in critical acclaim, Nobel prizes, whatever you are aiming for -- if you have a negative attitude towards those who have already succeeded.

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