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Automation and simplicity are two of the most important areas I look for in a product, and Profit Instruments seems to satisfy my needs (based on the sales letter).

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can relate their own experience after using it and applying the techniques.

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    There is an existing thread about this on Warrior Forum at:

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      I'm not a fan. Its a concept that's been around for some time
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        I have had good luck with the main concepts he talks about in the videos...and I was curious how much he was charging for the course

        Since I couldn't find it on the sales letter(maybe I just missed it) I started the order process thru paypal so that I could see how much he was charging

        Well, I think this course set the record for upsells/downsells etc in any course I have looked at...granted, I never buy these hyped courses anymore

        So he is charging $197

        I think this is WAY too much for the central concept that has been around for some time...which is build a blog on 1 buyer keyword with competion under 20k in quotes

        The concept has worked for me...but there is no way I would pay $197 for the course

        Also, a friend told me the course is really light on SEO which you will need if you go after more competitive keywords

        I hope this helps

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    I watched the "free" videos and didn't get anything new from them - obviously there wasn't going to be anything earth shattering otherwise they wouldn't have been free.

    However, the concept didn't seem that new or "secret" - it's not a million miles away from Google Sniper.

    There is also the additionaly issue that using a product name in a domain can potentially cause issues with the product owner from a copyright perspective.

    However, that is no comment on the product itself, as I am only basing this on the preview videos, which were professionally and slickly done.
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      A very polished product and well presented.

      The concepts are not new, have been around for quite a while.


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        There are big names appears in his sale letter but the concept is the same; to create minisite and rank well in search engine.

        Only hype will attract newbies to pay $197 and upsell #1 $297, upsell#2 $197 plus downsell for WP plugin $97. Total for this product: $788.
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