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Hello guys,

I am looking for the best multiple domain hosting provider out there so that I can host all my different websites on one server.

I have been using 1 domain per hosting account until now but since all my websites are only wordpress blogs, I realize that it's a complete waste of disk space, bandwidth and ultimately money. I only use 1% of the full potential of my hosting accounts and I really don't see the point paying for hosting everytime I create a new wordpress blog with a domain name...

I've been looking for a good multiple domain host on Google but all the reviews are obviously biased with affiliate links left and right! I would love to know your opinions based on personal experiences.

Downside of multiple hosting is that when the server goes down all the websites obviously go down at the same time, reason why it's very important to be sure which host I want to get involved with.

Thank you!
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    Try hostgator or hostmonster, both have good up time.
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      Avoiding shameless self promotion.......... The members here seem to like Hostgator.
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        Hostgator reseller account. You can host multiple sites - each with it's own cpanel. You can allocate bandwidth/space as you please among the sites and host a lot of sites on one account.

        They will not all be on the same IP as there are several IPs that revolve as you create new site accounts.

        Big bonus is you have a WHM panel (webhost manager) where you can access all your sites and cpanel stats from one screen. Big timesaver.


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          Thank you very much for your answers! I know most internet marketers use hostgator and I can't explain why I'm not using it yet! I'll give it a go...
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    I've been using Hostmonster for a good few years now and have always found them pretty reliable.
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