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Anyone tried the Utility Poster?

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    I have and did not have good success with it. Primarily, I think, because of my niche, personal finances.
    Depending on what you are looking for, Zemanta may be a better way to go.
    The reason why is that zemanta, which is a plugin, actually it's not a blog plugin but a plugin for the browser that will tie in automatically to a blog, lets me use images and brings me blog related posts that I can tie to my blog (I don't do that because I don't want readers to go away from my blog, in all honesty) but it allows me to go and check out those posts and get some ideas on what else I can add to my post.
    Well worth the effort to add it to my blog.
    Check it out at zemanta.com.
    Back to the utility poster, it really is another tool to help you fill up your blog with content if you are too busy or otherwise don't have any other way to get that content. As I said, I used it and still fire it from time to time but it really isn't worth the time for me to do that because of the ease of use of Zemanta.
    Hope this helps you with your decision.
    good luck
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    I just joined the ranks of SEO
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    I am checking out zemanta.com

    It's official: Instant Article Wizard 4.0 (IAW4) has launched!

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    It doesn't looks like an automated content tool, but rather as a speedy way to add mutiple content to a post. The way I understand it is this: write a title, an intro and the tags, and then select the content with Utility Poster.

    That doesn't sound THAT fast, but according to the creator, it helps get a lot of trackbacks and links. If true, the automatic link building part of it indeed becomes powerful. Yes you have lots of link to other people's stuff, but that's what builds the SEO for long tail keywords according to him.

    Does it work though. Can it be THAT simple?

    Sometimes it can be. I wonder too if someone has some experience with it.

    As for Zemanta, it bugs the hell out of me personally.
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