Wordpress or Blogger/Blogspot?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question...

I've read so much on here these past few days, and everyone is talking about using Wordpress. My question is, is it any different to using a regular blog host like blogspot/blogger? If so, why does it have advantages?

Many thanks, from a newbie
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    Simplifying your question. Blogger from Google is hosted by Google and may be used effectively.

    Wordpress may be self hosted by yourself (the hosting company you choose) or it may be hosted by Wordpress. Both are very effective to use based on your needs.

    However, a Wordpress self hosted is the most useful and most effective in most of the situations. It provides more protection of losing the site, better SEO benefits, and more control of your domain with the possibility of selling the site later.

    When you have a plan and future goals defined, then you will be able to make the best choice.

    You must take in consideration what you are really trying to accomplish in order to make a final decision and choose the best direction to fit your needs.

    Also, you must decide if you want quality or quantity. When you are new or don't want to build a reputation for yourself, you might tilt toward quantity.
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    Originally Posted by Chris McDonald Online View Post

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question...

    I've read so much on here these past few days, and everyone is talking about using Wordpress. My question is, is it any different to using a regular blog host like blogspot/blogger? If so, why does it have advantages?

    Many thanks, from a newbie
    As part of your overall backlink building strategies you should be using both. However, neither should be used to host your money sites or any of your primary sites.

    Remember, when it comes to blogger, Wordpress.com, Web 2.0 and other types of free hosting, you don't own the Web property and are subject to sites TOS, which can be stringent at times. That being said, they are excellent sources of BLs.

    *When you say WordPress, I'm assuming that you are referring to the free WordPress.com accts and not the WordPress.org driven blogs.
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  • Thanks both, that's exactly the info I was looking for! Man I ahte being a newbie but I love learning!!!

    Crew Chief - Yes you're right I meant the WordPress.com one
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    There is a big difference between sites like Blogger, WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

    Blogger and WordPress.com are great IF you just want to build a practice site, a hobby site that you don't plan to monetize, or a special interest site on a topic that you just like to talk about then Blogger or WordPress.com may work out OK for you. On the other hand if you are planning to build a business or become a serious blogger then I strongly recommend going with Wordpress.org

    If you want to see why you can read my latest blog post Wordpress.org vs. Wordpress.com
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    wordpress.org site obviously is the right choice
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    Self-hosted Wordpress on your own domain is in my opinion the only logical choice for any serious development. Wordpress.com and Blogger may be fine for setting up junk blogs, but you're much better off having complete control over your site and having the benefit of having your own domain which depending on how it matches with the keywords you're targeting, may have drastically good effects on your SEO efforts.
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    Different tools for different jobs, my friend. Each has its own place and purpose.
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    Hi Chris, some good advice on here already. If I can add anything it is to try both blogger and wordpress they are both very good and espacially for building back links but the backlinks want to be to your main site, ie your Blog and that as already mentioned want to be with Wordpress. It can be a bit daunting to set up but as always there are plenty of video tutorials (Youtube etc) and help (here if no where else) to get you started. I know what it's like as newbie, but stick in the Chris, the rewards will come.
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    Both are very different. Blog-spot is limited. Wordpress in a ocean. We can make many types of sites form Wordpress, but cannot in Blogspot. Simply Blogspot is for KIDS and Wordpress is for GEEKS.
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    You have already received great responses. It can be overwhelming when starting out.

    Just to be clear the "free" sites (Blogspot, Squidoo, etc...) are great to create backlinks that you can control. You want to point these sites toward your money site (Wordpress) with anchor text.

    Always put your best content on the site you own. One strategy is to put one tip on the blogger site and then direct the readers to your money site for more tips.

    You do not want to point from your money site back to the feeder site or Google will consider that a reciprocal link and you lose the benefit.

    Good luck,


    [SIZE=1]Gail Grannum[FONT=Arial]

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    since first time i know about blogspot, i really love it. Two month ago one of my blog disappear from my account, i don't know why.

    But now, several month ago i learn about wordpress, until now i like wp.
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    As rhonnee1 first said in respond to this question, the biggest difference I see between Blogger and Wordpress is the level of website protection, Blogger can easily get flagged by users after some time and you have absolutely no idea why that happened when you do everything right, so imagine you put hard work in creating content on Blogger and one day you come back and see "website is not found" ! you imagine the frustration you will have at that time. MY recommendation is to keep away from blogger even if it has many advantages over wordpress but actually it doesn't
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