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After getting burned by so many different advertising services, and not anywhere near ready to tackle AdWords or FaceBook PPC, can anyone offer up a review of this Ezine service or recommend another. DOE is only an option if they offer some type of multiple submission service.

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    Hi Clint,

    If you have any specific question, you can contact me.


    P.S. In order to be very clear: I'm not a third party, but the owner of AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network. And don't be afraid that I will cheat you, anyway I always recommend people NOT to buy from me (Reason #1: When it comes to ezine advertising, usually ezine ad co-ops are NOT the best choice. Why? Because usually the groups of ezines contain various ezines from more niches; Reason #2: I cannot guarantee you anything except for the fact that your ad will be published by the ezines from the group you choose. I cannot guarantee you any kind of response for YOUR subject line, YOUR ad copy, YOUR product/service, YOUR way of marketing that product/service, YOUR landing page, YOUR price/prices, etc. - that's why there is NO money back guarantee) You may ask like other people did, "If you don't recommend your service, are you a scammer or what?" The answer is this: I didn't see by now any scammer who doesn't recommend his service But I seen many honest second hand car dealers You got my point, right?
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    LOL got it thanks for being honest
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      My advice when it comes to ezines is find a list that accepts articles and write something that caters to the ezine. It gives you a chance to see how receptive the ezine list is.
      Once this is done you can advertise with them. Try BestEzines - Email Newsletter Peer Reviews & Ezine Awards For Ezine Publishers for a list of ezines
      Some ezines don't accept articles in which case offer to do a JV with them if you have an affiliate programme set up. Remember to talk about the benefits they will gain by doing a joint venture with you.
      In some cases you may not be able to test the response of the ezines before paying but look for the ones where you can and start with them.

      This is my experience with ezines so hopefully that helps you in some way.
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    Hi Clint,

    I'm a lifetime member of DOE and it's been a GREAT service! The membeship comes with many bonuses other than just a great ezine directory. You also get many advertising opportunities free of charge as part of your membership...and these are good legitimite opportunities, not advertising that gets no results. Thats my 2 cents!
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