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Anyone try Dominating Google from Mark Dulisse yet? The WP Plugins are a nice bonus, almost justifies the price of the product.
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      To get the SEO Power Plugin for free, it is the standard exit the page, but wait.....routine. Just fill in your name and email and a link for the plugin will be sent to you after you confirm.

      I would still like to know if anyone has tried this out yet. Pretty tough to have launched on the same day as Epic Traffic.
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    I'm also interested in what buyers
    are experiencing by using the system.

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      I bought dominating-g a couple of days ago and my head is spinning with the sheer amount of quality content.

      Its a big course! Worth the price just for the plugins alone and the rest is probably the best value course I have ever purchased. (some over $2000)

      Extremely in depth, and step by step although I believe not for necessarily the newbie with zero SEO knowledge. I sat my son down with this and he got confused pretty early on, but I didn't take the upsell which I believe would help the newbies even further.

      He takes you right thru from basics like installing WP and where to get free stuff right through to some super ninja stuff I never heard of before.

      All white hat stuff too, nice easy presentation style and so many extra FYI video tutorials that help.

      Conclusion: Extreme Good Value For Money
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        I wasn't a huge fan of SEO for the longest time, because of what I was able to do with PPC on Adwords, Yahoo, MSN (Bing) and some other search engines. With that in mind I can tell you that we purchased one of Mark's first SEO products and the difference between the quality of his stuff and others in the SEO training niche are night and day.

        1. Mark isn't a guy who just rehashes some ebooks he found on Clickbank, or a dusty SEO book from early 2001 one he found in the bargain bin at Borders for $2.00. He literally went from flat-broke to make multiple five-figures all with free traffic, and doing what he teaches.

        2. He actually lifts the veils and shows you what he does and how he does it with real examples from some of his real campaigns. How many others do this? Not many. Plus, he provides great support.

        Let me tell you that just testing one of the methods I learned in the first course I bought from him in his IMNicheFormula it pulled in about $500 the first day all with free traffic. It more than paid for the course and took less than three hours total from registering the domain, to having everything done. It was a small one, but it worked. I'd highly suggest you buy anything he puts out because you will get incredible value from anything he offers and this is coming from someone who sticks basically with Adwords, co-reg and email marketing.

        Does that help?

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    I would be careful

    Let's say you spend the $200 and realize that it's not for you.

    That whole 60 day Money back guarantee is just
    there for show and doesn't really mean anything.

    I'm still in the process of trying to get back my $200.

    It's been denied already, and my login account to the site
    does not work anymore.

    So I don't even have access to the product that I paid $200 for.

    Be careful.
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      Originally Posted by FollowSuccess View Post

      I would be careful

      Let's say you spend the $200 and realize that it's not for you.

      That whole 60 day Money back guarantee is just
      there for show and doesn't really mean anything.

      I'm still in the process of trying to get back my $200.

      It's been denied already, and my login account to the site
      does not work anymore.

      So I don't even have access to the product that I paid $200 for.

      Be careful.
      Can you explain why you think this course isn't for you?
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    FollowSuccess, thanks for posting this.

    I once bought a $97 product with a written
    money back guarantee here at the WF.
    It was from one of the legends of the place.
    And the guarantee had no wiggle clauses
    written into it... no conditions.

    Other things got in the way of using the
    training so I asked for a refund. Denied.
    I pointed out that the guarantee was not
    conditional the way it was written during
    the WSO sale. I knew that to be true
    because I saved the page to my computer.

    I send her, the woman doing the support
    for the guru, a copy of the paragraph.
    Waste of time, of course.

    So I wont be buying anything else from
    Justin unless it's through Clickbank
    where refunds dont depend on the vendor.

    Later the clever chap simply deleted all
    the sales text and replaced it with a
    'closed' sign.

    Best approach is... when you spend it,
    it's gone. Unless you know he/she is ethical.

    A PM to the WSO-seller was not graced with
    a response.

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    Thanks guys for the mention about the "money back" thing. It is only now that I've learned about this.
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    Finally after much stress and everything, I have received my $200 refund.

    I can't believe what a pain in the ass that was. Never will I ever buy from this guy again.
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      That happened to me with the money back guarantee from some guru, I forget his name now as this was awhile back, but it was for membership sites. But it was a $300 product I purchased and it had a 30-day money back guarantee - "no questions asked" clause. It took me 4 additional months to finally get my money back when I requested it within 30 days. The guy tried to offer me another useless membership to try to keep from having to pay me the money back.

      But I been looking at Mark's Dominating Google SEO course as well lately so was also curious if anyone bought and used it too. It looks like a good package - and I hear that Mark is a good guy who knows his stuff. I just better really want to use it since it seems hard to get your money back with it if you feel its not for you.
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        I got this course and to be completely honest it wasn't hot... Mark till this day has failed to deliver all the content. I chased this up a couple of times with him last year as I got a few emails as to why the content wasn't up yet and that it would be coming soon.... When it failed to arrive I queried this and said I was disappointed that he didn't deliver all the product materials (he is not the only person that has failed to deliver a complete product). Anyway his response was in a slightly aggressive manner that I should be okay with it as i got 2 awesome plugins that were worth way more (I kept the email on file)... This was supposed to make it okay for not delivering the course.

        Here is my summary of the materials:

        Module 1 - 10 Videos and 1 PDF
        Reality 3 Videos and no pdf

        Module 2 - 12 Videos and 1 pdf Workbook
        Reality - 2 Videos and 1 PDF of presentation

        Module 3 - 3 Videos
        Reality - Actually more than 3 videos

        Module 4 - Isn't all there... Not all topics covered, no strategy mindmap.

        Module 5 - 25 videos
        Reality - Far from it and all topics not covered

        Module 6 - 3 Videos and 1 pdf
        Reality - 1 video and no PDF

        + Couple of case Studies

        There was some bonus materials that he gifted for being late on delivering the course about SEnuke and Photoshop.
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    The one thing I've always noticed about mark is his content is good, but his support is really bad.

    That's just my experience though
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    Funny thing this has happened to me also with his senukex training. It was not for me and he is fighting me with the refund and from what i have read elsewhere he does not like to refund money even with a so called "iron clad money back guarantee" just Google "mark dulisse scam" first thing comes up is several complaint boards with multiple entries.
    Free Listings for Websites & Articles
    Alexa Traffic Rank 64k World Wide!!!
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    It's a shame really as it looks like he brings out decent products. I don't think I'll ever buy anything from/through him as his word appears to mean very little.

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    Listen up you freebie seekers, go and buy elsewhere.

    You buy, you download, you keep. Unless the software is defective, or not working of your websites because of a bug with our softwares.

    You are scammers who love to rip of product vendors.
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    I bought Tube Maker Pro from Mark Dulisse,I downloaded,I read the thirty day unconditional guarantee or I might not have bought. The product is supposed to "curate" images from the internet to make a video. found that no "curation" was involved--a sure recipe for disaster when the copyright owner sues you. The product also did not make a video on my computer. Contacted "support" several times with no response. Asked for a refund twice with no response. Finally got a response when I contacted Mark Dulisse at his personal email address from the Paypal receipt. Was more or less told to get lost and stop being "so dramatic". Seems that the guaranteed refund means nothing to him and a Google search for Mark Dulisse brings up a long litany of people with the same complaint for various of his products. Buyer beware if you do business with Mark Dulisse--his guarantee means nothing.
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    Why does this forum let this kind of person keep selling here?
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      Listen up you 4-5 grumblers.

      This was $17-$27.

      In a manner of 1 week for this wso, there were about 1000 sold.

      There are like, over 100 video tutorials, pdf, etc, etc, in this course. If you 4-5 people would actually start working and implementing the strategies, you'd be too busy from the new traffic and business...instead of spending all your time on a forum.
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    dreamit78's posts have been deleted. When I asked him to point me to the claims in the ad copy that he said were not fulfilled, his response was that he had been confused about it.

    That is not an acceptable basis for the kinds of comments he had made.
    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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