Chris Anderson's Book - Free?

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Has anyone read it? What do you think?
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    I've read it and enjoyed it. I also enjoyed reading the Long Tail, also by Chris Anderson.

    Free is an often misunderstood book. I think he's trying to point out that in a digital world, some things that previously cost money can become free. If you've previously charged a lot of money for something that can be delivered for a low cost or for free, you could struggle.

    Where the concept gets misunderstood is that many people think he's suggesting that lots of things should be free. Some critics ask why his book isn't free!

    I think the main takeaway is that in the digital age, you can package products in different ways that deliver value to different segments. I have a version of the Free audio book, which was actually free. This is great for when I'm in the car, but sometimes I want to hold a book and read it. If I want to do that, I have to pay for it. But maybe I'm more likely to pay for the book because I've listened to the audio version. Interestingly, because I'd listened to Free, I ended up buying The Long Tail.

    I think Free is a great concept if it's tied in to a range of products - some that cost money and some that are free.
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