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Great forum,

I am new with IM and this forum has provided a wealth of info to get me started. Thank you and great Job!!!! I am obtaining the tools needed and see that MNF is extreamly popular. I bought the latest and greatest version, installed and it is not giving me any of the data I need. Exact Phrase, OCI, SOC, MOB all return 0, it worked on one key word but thats it. Ive restarted my laptop, ive used only used the background services as not to be blocked etc... and nothing, I am now on my third day of using MNF and it dosent seem to be working at all. I am thinking of trying Market Samurai.... any help would be appreciated

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    Thanks Yukon, After filtering the searches im really only checking 7-10 keywords at a time and only using the background services and I get 99% all zero's. I know im not blocked because i can go directly to google and search with out a prob and if i ask it for instance to do a google exact phrase search by hitting the keyword, it will directly to the search and i see the phrase count in google but MNF will not get that data...
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    MNF has not been working well these last few weeks. It had a problem with the zeros before the update but I think that was fixed. The latest problem with version 5 is that Google makes a captcha request every few minutes. They are working on it but they have not solved the problem yet.



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    LOVE MNF and google is getting tougher but support is good for many years now, been with them 3 years.
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    I heart MicroNiche Finder a lot. I use it every single day and I have found so many cool niches markets through it. I personally don't use the domain finder but I know a lot of folks consider it really handy. I am using the latest version and I really like the upgrades.
    Highly recommended!

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    Thank You Everyone,
    I guess the consensus is to upgrade to version 5, will see if it works any better, in the interim I installed Market Samurai, wow very impressed with this app...
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    MNC is a great place to start. I used market samurai but all the options and gizmos almost exploded my head
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    What I like about Market Samurai is the great tutorials, they really go in depth on how to use the app, great for someone like me just starting out.

    I installed MNF5 still getting alot of zero responses (it looks like from the support site, they are aware of the issue and working on it) but not as many as MNF4, great program and would probably use it as the primary if it can capture as good as MS
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