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I just finished reading Paul Myers newsletter and he brought up a couple interesting points today.

One that I was particularly interested in was in regards to Windows 7 speech recognition.

I actually use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but it does not allow me to use my professional microphone. So, I thought I would try out Windows 7 speech recognition.

To my surprise it works unbelievably well.

But, it does have a few setbacks. For instance, it does not work very well inside of of Firefox, and does not work at all inside of Google chrome.

So, that pretty much makes it unusable for me, because I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking practically for everything.

But, whenever I was dictating into WordPad, or notepad the accuracy was almost as good as Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Now, considering I have done a bunch of training with Dragon NaturallySpeaking that is very impressive. So, if anyone is out there and they have Windows 7 and were thinking about buying Dragon NaturallySpeaking, try out the included Windows 7 speech recognition before you invest your money.

It might work for your needs.

talk soon,

Shannon Herod
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    I got that tip from a post here, but some of the posters didn't seem to know that their problems were most likely from their mics, and not the software. A good mic is key to making voice recognition work.

    Interesting that it doesn't work in FF or Chrome. Strange, really. Thanks for that info.

    It really is surprising how many resources most of us have at our disposal that we don't know about, or have forgotten.

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      I use the windows 7 speech recognition for article writing and its a breeze. I had to very little "training" of it and have found that it make few mistakes
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    I use Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 and it worked "OK" with several (cheaper) microphones and headsets that I've tried. Now I use it with an Audio-Technia USB-AT2020 pro mic and it works almost perfectly. So much better than all of the other mics I've tried. Different mics make a big difference in how well the software works.

    I didn't even know Windows 7 had this software until I also read Paul's newsletter today. I'll have to try it out with my AT-2020

    John P
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    Hmm I have windows 7... I should give it a shot. Sometimes dragon works very well and other times it makes annoying mistakes. Not sure if its due to my accent or my mic which is more or less quality. I'll try the win 7 version tonight

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    Yep, I also make use of Win 7 speech recognition. Not for navigation or anything, just for dictating texts. It works really well for that.

    It takes some training before it's really smooth sailing, but it's totally worth it. Once you've gotten used to it (and it's gotten used to you), you can create texts way faster than if you were typing by hand.
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    Shannon, what do you mean? I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say professional microphone. I'm dictating this through Dragon using a Yeti microphone
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    I injured my shoulder so have been forced to use Window 7 speech recognition in order to work on my PC and use the various software programs. I have learned to use it in Google Chrome as well. I use the insert box to dictate text and the "show numbers" command to navigate any browser tabs I have open. I also use the command "mouse grid" to navigate within the browser or Gmail and that takes me to areas I need the speech recognition software to click and/or type text. That key thing is to have the quick reference sheet printed out for easy reference. There is a learning curve but it works great.
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