FaceBook Fan Page Engine... Are You Kidding Me?

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Here we go again... I stumbled upon this like I am sure a lot of you have...

The "FaceBook Fan Page Engine" {Page}, -or- facebook.com/FanPageEngine . Now I DO NOT endorse this as of yet because I have not purchased from these guys nor do I have any affiliation with them but he has some interesting things to say about the FB - FaceBook PPC game and how to keep your clicks low. He also seems to have a nice little racket on making sales within FB. The question still will remain... will this work?

OK, please feel free to weigh in on this. His ticket price for his marketing services on how to make money on FB seem a bit steep for users but who knows.

What do you think?


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    I'm guessing that it's just making use of the free FBML app.. which allows you to put custom HTML on pages. We made a custom FB page for a client last week, complete with opt-in form and add to cart button.

    I could be wrong, haven't spent too much time looking into that product you mention, yet.
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    I tried out their templates by creating a tab for my fanpage (which I have not put any marketing efforts toward). Facebook is pretty unique considering that it is the only social media website that allows you to put and opt in form. Check it out - Video Marketing Secrets Profile HTML | Facebook
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    Says it was created with this app Profile HTML | Facebook
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    Build your fanpage then go to fiverr.com and find someone with a huge facebook list to promote it for you. They only charge five bucks for this. some have huge lists. Worth it!
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      I had someone explain how they build fan pages for branding. Then they showed me how others build them for affiliate programs and buy facebook ads landing on their fan page. Evidently those ads get approved quicker than some others.

      The call to action was more of a request to "like" the page (a soft sell). Once you have several folks that like your page you can broadcast messages (like building a list and sending periodic emails).

      Seems like a great idea, just haven't attempted it yet.
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