Chris Farrells Membership site or Dave Kelly's Super Apprentice ?

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Which program would you advise, Chris Farrells Membership site or Dave Kelly's Super Apprentice program.

Will appreciate inputs/reviews about these two programs, especially from guys who have participated in any of these programs.

Dave program costs $47.95mo vs $4.95mo, which is better value & why ?

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    The Chris Farrell Membership is $4.95 for the first 7 days, then $37 per month.

    Super Apprentice is free for the first 3 days, so at least you could try this and find out what it is like.

    If you search the Forum for "Chris Farrell Membership" and "Super Apprentice" you'll be able to read several threads about these two programs.
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      I would say both would be good to diversify. With SA you have to do a lot of writing for articles and I mean a lot, which you could outsource very easily. And you could start seeing a return in 4-5 months. Wow, I didn't know they
      raised the price that much So if you outsource, figure those extra expenses.
      Overall, it's pretty doable and not that hard, they give you an easy way to put up the sites.

      I like Chris and think he's excellent teacher for IM. I do not belong to his membership but I do read his free stuff from time to time. He will show you the whole system of IM, I believe where Dave gets you going in one aspect of making money online. Hope I've helped. Good Luck.
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        I must be honest, I am not familiar with Dave Kelly's product, but am very familiar with Chris Farrell's and can truthfully say this:

        Chris' site is by far one of the best sites on the Internet for teaching you the ins and outs of making money online. His excellent teaching skills are just what you need to make learning this business easier.

        He not only teaches you what and how to start, run a business, but he shows you step by step. As far as I can tell, he does not hide or conceal the true facts about this business.

        Not only that, you almost don't have to join his site to get a world class education, he provides a lot of great information freely.

        Ok, this has been and unpaid and unsolicited post...:p

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    I am not a member of chris farrell but its 4.95 for 7 days.. $37.00 there after..
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