SEO hosting that provides multiple c class IP's

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Is anyone able to recommend any web host that can provide multiple c class IP's for SEO purposes? Say around 1-10.

I looked at a few "seo hosts" and only found one notable one,, but it's a little expensive for my liking.

Any cheaper recommendations?
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    • Profile picture of the author radhika (I was with them couple of years back) provided me few ips. Each one for each site.

      Try them ask them if they are still doing it.

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    I have yet to see a host that offers different class IP's, every one I've seen is high. I am no expert, but seems odd they are so high, as IP's are only a extra couple bucks. I understand they have to be purchased in blocks, but you'd think some one or some host could get a group together to spread the IP's around. Like I said, I am no expert.
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    I think you can get class c IP from anyone...mine sells them for $5 a month for that cheap?

    BTW: I'm using voxtreme. In my opinion, it's the best hosting on the web hands down.
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    I also use pair networks -its $28.95/month - plus $1/month for each dedicated IP (pair dot com) ...

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    Not sure what class c IP is, could you explain?
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    voxtreme is great!!!
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      I used to use Seo Hosting, nothing wrong with there service, or customer support, but I cancelled after a few months. One main reason was when you get the WHM account, each domain you add on each different c-class IP after the original one counts as a sub-domain.

      So say on one of your c-class ip's you made / added,, each additional domain would a sub-domain of the first domain, eg

      This is what I was a bit dissapointed in.
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    Think some are getting confused. Yes, most any host will provide you with more IP's, but usually they are in the same class like 198.05.123, 198.05.124 , ect. Course I've done well with SEO without different class IP's, so I wonder how big a difference it really makes.
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    I use Host 9 for a specific class of websites I run.

    They let you choose Unix or Windows for each domain and 10 ips in 10 different locations on each platform.

    1 IP is in the UK and one is in Asia and the rest are spread through out the US from the east coast to the west coast.

    They were running a a 50% discount for the first month but if you pay for a year, you get that for half price as well. Not sure if that is still active or not.

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    Have any of you used any lesser known hosting providers? I am looking to acquire as many C Classes that I can.
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      SEOhosting does provide different Class C's. The question is whether it's worth the money to actually set them up.
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    There was also some talk that Google knows exactly which blocks of class C IPs SEO Hosting uses, and knows how they are used, and therefore you get no benefit from it. Whether that's true or not I don't know.
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    I just signed up with TurnkeyInternet.

    60 unique class C IPs for $99 a month.

    Tech support responds within the hour. They have three tiers and they use them well. If a Tier 1 techie can't help you, he won't waste time, he'll escalate it right away.

    IP assignment is automatic thru WHM. You create an account and it auto assigns one of your IPs until it exhausts the allocated number of IPs.

    I haven't got to the rewind yet. I'm at 50 domains right now.

    Another plus for them is that your account is created automatically, soon as they get the payment.

    Had a very bad experience withSEO hosting from KVCHosting-- I'd stay away from them. (They're great for VPS though.)

    Hope this helps.
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    SEO Hosting? Didn't realise there was such a thing.

    Unless your trying something BlueFart I can't see as if it would help you?

    Interlinking all your sites won't help unless you build backlinks from authority sites, or you just be linking 0PR sites with no Rankings... Hmm explain what your planning to do to me, I'm interested :-)

    The Host I use is PHP Hosting « CatN They can give you what you require.

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    If you are using Dedicated IP address and opt White Hat SEO techniques then you don't need to rely on range of class C IP addresses.
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      What some people responding are forgetting is that if you want to build a mini-network of sites to use as "pumper sites" then yes you would benefit from multiple different ip's.

      What if you want to buy 5 aged domains and want to use them to create backlinks to your money sites. Would you just waste their PR and make them add on domains to one of your domains? You would be wasting these aged domains.

      Well, this is where ip diversity comes into play. This is where you would want the different ips.

      Is it really needed? No.
      Will it benefit you? Yes.

      You don't want to go out and get all your backlinks from the same ip sites. Terry Kyle has great information in his posts and in his reports about the importance of ip diversity so I am not going to go into the specifics of why. Do a search for Terry Kyle here on the WF and he has a lot of write up about this very topic.

      So, if you are trying to build a mini network (with aged domains) where you can backlink to your money site, then yes different class ips would be a good way to go. If you are just looking to get backlinks to your sites and don't really care where they are coming from, save a few dollars and possibly go with link packets and something like Sick Submitter or some of Big Mikes products.

      As far as which hosting to go with, I am looking at this thread and taking notes. I am one of those folks who will be buying aged domains soon so I will be needing a multiple Ips myself.

      Good luck


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    one can use different host id. so long i have not heard this.
    for seo purpose different id is there means it is very useful for this purpose only we need go for different ips .. or? pls let explain
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    All I can say is check my sig---- NOT an affiliate link either! Great support, great prices, great company---- How many IPs do you need is the last question!

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      Originally Posted by Mountainmotorman View Post

      All I can say is check my sig---- NOT an affiliate link either! Great support, great prices, great company---- How many IPs do you need is the last question!
      Is it not an affiliate link because you own the company?
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    I use but they are beginning to piss me off with the number of times my sites go down. Granted they are not money sites so it's not a huge deal, but come on it seems one or two of my sites goes down every week. Their support is quick but I don't want to have to use them this much. Will give them another month or two, then might try someone else.
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    I am not seeing any issue with my sites that I am hosting on my same hosting account and most of them are already ranked on top of search engines.

    If you are doing Whitehat SEO then you really have no need to have multiple ip. But if you do use Balckhat SEO then google can trace you even if you use multiple ip.
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    Try they've been around for quite awhile and have a great rep.
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    The first c class hosting account I had was with . . . it was a COMPLETE nightmare. I can't even tell you what a mess it was.

    I switched to It was fine for awhile and they have a really nice interface for selecting the IP addresses for your accounts, but after a couple of months I started running into problems. This is a recap of my saga.

    A lot of people that used to recommend don't anymore. Tom Goodwin used to promote them and now doesn't. Pat and Gary moved their network off of it, and some of the problems Niche Press Platinum had were due to issues at seo-host.

    I haven't switched yet because I've just been too busy, but I'm going to have to bite the bullet and switch after the holidays. I checked into Indianets, and they said the set-up I had wouldn't be a problem. I'll have to research a few of the other ones mentioned on this thread before I make a decision. I don't want to have to keep moving my network every few months.
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    A lot of suggestion at this thread. Will be check all of them. Because diversity the C Class IP is important now days.
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