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I just got an e-mail a few hours ago linking to a free report called Perpetual Traffic Report. My guess is that Ryan Diess has some new high priced seo service/product coming out.

So what do you guys think about the report?

Post your reviews of the product/service when it's released on the 28th.
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    It's one of the most brilliant examples of a "warm-up product" for a launch I've ever seen.

    I'm actually going to do a blog post about it, because there's just so much marketing brilliance in that report... Deiss certainly knows how to sell.

    As for the product itself: I'm guessing it will involve driving small amounts of paid traffic and incentivizing the visitors to leave comments. Perhaps even a script that automates a "reward" for leaving a comment or interacting otherwise? That, plus the usual on- and off-page SEO should cover his three factors.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of this launch and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from it (in terms of how to sell products, not in terms of SEO...).
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    The Perpetual Traffic Formula free report itself is fantastic. There's a pretty neat keyword analysis (backlink and PR checker) software too inside once you sign up.

    The report basically breaks down in simple words the algorithm that Google uses to rank a page along with some eye opening facts about Google AdWords. Its been a while I've been trying to get the big picture about Google ranking system and how all the backlinks, comments, seo, content etc all connect together and why we do what we do and how Google evaluates all of it. I just got a simple but clear understanding of it right now.

    Not sure how much the actual product will cost, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    Hope this helps.
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    Not sure how much the actual product will cost, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.
    Stuff like this normally cost around the 2000 mark

    ...Don't think he'd get out of bed for any less anyway ;-)

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    Great report! You should read it!

    ...and yes, he is DEFINITELY going to sell something!

    That's always the underlining for anyone who put out FREE stuff.

    As for pricing, not sure but it can be whatever from $497 onward seems to be going rate these days!
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    I've read the report and watched the 2 videos, so far it's 100% hype and speculation, quite amazing that this self declared seo newbie has suddently figured out how Google works, I don't recall seeing any traffic stats from any of his sites as proof!

    The whole thing can be summarized as follows: adwords bad SEO good, need content, links and activity....

    I've also just looked at the cheery picker software, really very basic, you have been able to get keyword software like this free for years, it's almost unusable, it would take a long time to do any real analysis using this tool
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    Somebody can start a new review thread sometime after the 28th when the product is actually available.
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