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by SDC
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Hi has anyone got experience in setting up a membership site?

If so which software would you suggest to manage the members, payments etc?

Currently considering wordpress with wp-member plugin...
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    I would have a script designed and placed on your server for you. I prefer this route to buying something generic.
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    i have been researching the same thing for the past month now, Amember always come up top of the list.

    Hope this helps.
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      I have seen a number of membership sites created from the following program

      This is not an affilate link.

      Hope it helps

      Peter V

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    mate, wpwishlist is the bestest. i use that in all my sites, it is super easy to use. wordpress + wordpress + cb = lots of money in your bank
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    Thanks for all your replies.... I'll check out all of these suggestions....
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    The software, template, all the resources that I actually used was from Yaro Starak's Membership Site Mastermind program. That's what I used when I started my own membership site as well and had lots of success with my Mass Outsource Mastermind.
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    Wishlist by Stu Mclarren is quite good.

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    As a developer I have checked high and low, although the generic membership scripts are all good, on the top end of the scale is a product called sitelok by

    Licence cost $39.95

    I would suggest this script - the API features are very useful, you include the code on any page and sitelok will take care of the rest for you

    watch this space ...
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    I did a bit of research recently and ended going with easymember pro
    - has a users forum - not that active but active enough with good reponses from owners
    - owners show a history of working on/updating the script
    - for me the above two are a must for software I purchase

    - is best value for money on multi site basis
    - boasted some good security features eg protecting assets outside the site
    (perhaps some of these still need a little polish)

    I considered a wordpress plugin but thought I wanted the members to have a clear differentiation between the members and public area.

    My thoughts after purchase - very easy script to work with - good support
    comprehensive range of features
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    Originally Posted by SDC View Post

    Hi has anyone got experience in setting up a membership site?

    If so which software would you suggest to manage the members, payments etc?

    Currently considering wordpress with wp-member plugin...
    My business partner and I are using Membergate to set up our site. The content management system is fantastic.

    I guess it all depends on what features you need.

    If a content management system is not required I would recommend Easy Member Pro.
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    If you looking to launch highly SEO optimized membership websites, sell digital downloads securely with link sharing prevention + anti-theft features, automated digital content promotion features, having ability for Gradual content delivery and ability to have unlimited membership levels - I invite you to check MemberWing-X. It has it all-in-one.

    Here's MemberWing-X manual that explains basics:

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    I've purchased MemberWing and the script is quite good. It even has affiliate tracking for PayPal payments which is very useful.

    I've setup a few membership sites for my clients and I used MemberWing for all of them.

    Overall, it has useful features and the support is great. Gleb's answers were always quick. Sometimes he offered to get into my admin panel and see what's going on.

    Very satisfied with the customer support

    Definitely recommended!
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    Hi Steve,

    Please take a moment to check out SubHub.

    SubHub is a powerful membership site platform, with a huge number of clients on both sides of the Atlantic. In July the SubHub platform served a staggering 13 MILLION client pages!

    With SubHub your entire site is run from one easy to use control panel, including page management, subscriptions, e-commerce, a forum, advertising and affiliate management. We handle all hosting, updates and platform management.

    Oh, and we offer a free 14 day trial, with all features enabled.

    SubHub costs $97/month (with no mimimum contract), INCLUDING a large choice of design templates, hosting and platform updates. You also get inclusive membership to the SubHub Site Owners Club, where you'll find our exclusive articles and videos to help you make the most of your membership site.

    Best wishes

    Mark Ramskill, SubHub
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