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I was wondering what the best keyword research tool is. I'm currently using googles but wondering if there's something better?


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    keyword elite works best for me.
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    Using the google adword research tool is free and for that it is good. Far better and faster are Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder because you get a lot of useful statistc more and you are able to sort out, digg deeper and combine searches. I use the Micro Niche Finder (wich I think is faster) and only have tested the Samurai (which serves more than I need). But both I can recommend.
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    100% Market Samurai! if your going to do it... do it well! Good Luck...
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    I would also agree, Market Samurai has not only a solid keyword tool, but so many other excellent features as well. Really worth the cost.
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    i use a mix of the google keyword tool and market samurai...
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  • Profile picture of the author pavionjsl free 30 day trial.
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      For me, it's Money Keyword Finder.

      I write a lot of articles, and this software does the best job categorizing, a prioritizing what keywords I need to write my article on.

      It's quick, and easy and a lot simpler that any other tools I've used

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        My vote goes to Market Samurai. Absolutely first class.

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    I think it depends on the following first:

    What search engine are you targeting ? If your like 95% of everyone in North America and Western Europe that will be Google.

    Now I can fully agree with what every says about Market Samurai, MNF, etc and to be fair I have them and have for a very long time.

    I am an SEO by trade so maybe I look at things a bit differently, but I have never found all the parameters used by Market Samurai or truthfully any of the automated tools to give me the level of refinement I need to get super targeted information.

    Now if your a Newbie, Automated Tools like Market Samurai are the way to go, if you feel that you have exceptional skill and experience I would say go manual, dig in deep into the data and get your hands dirty.

    Considering Local and Universal are playing such a large part of Google Index today I use the following:

    Google Keyword Tool
    Google Adwords Tool
    Google Trends
    Google Insights

    Keyword Discovery ( Helps with more trend and fad type stuff )

    Now Google Trends and Insights are key to this mix.

    Best of luck, and I hope you get the results you are looking for.

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    My vote goes to Market Samurai. Absolutely Brilliant.

    or Wordpot free.
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      For me I needed to choose 1 and go with it. Market Samurai has great training videos and I love the interface.

      Latest alternatives to Leather Gym Gloves

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    I use Market Samurai and Google keyword. so far i am very happy with them both. if you havent already download the trail of market samurai before purchasing they give you a 50 something dollar discount. making the whole thing $97.

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    I'm cheap. So I use traffic travis (free tool) to help me with my choices but I hvae to find the words myself.
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    MS all the way.
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    Definitely Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder and also the Traffic Travis.
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      I'm always amazed every time I open up Samurai. Everything you need to know is there in one place and saves you tons of time.
      "Drop useless cookie cutter marketing and learn to brand yourself online.
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    There are some good sources out there Google Keyword Tool is still my Go To option.

    Hebrews 12:11

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    So my question is, whats the best FREE keyword search tool for those who can not afford market samurai?
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    Market Samurai. The keyword research and analysis tool is ALWAYS free, even after your trial. You can then upgrade whenever you need the other modules.
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    I always go with google keyword suggestion tool......
    is it cost free easy to use..........
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