Buy Don Crowther's Social Profit Formula From Me And I Will Give You A Porcsche Carrera!

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I have no idea who Don Crowther's is or much about his $1997 course but all the gurus are promoting him like crazy. I decided to look up Don Crowther's Social Profit Formula bonuses. I was amazed at the stuff people were willing to give away just to get you to buy his expensive course on Social Media Marketing.

First of all, I am not selling the course, I do not care if you buy it, I do not have an affiliate link and I am not planning on getting one.

Miguel Alvarez, who has 30k Twitter followers, is giving away a The Kodak Zi8 plus free Lavalier microphone. (Maybe he should do the course on Social Media Marketing or at least Twitter 30k is a mess of followers.)

Brian Wenzel is offering to take you to Mexico all expenses paid including food. So if you like tacos he is your man.

Almost anybody will give you an Ipad for buying the course or a new laptop.

It just makes me wonder how much commission is in the course to allow for such extravagant bonuses.

One of my favorites was Money Tree Marketing who has offered a bonus guarantee. Go ahead and shop around for bonuses and let him know. He will then try to top it. Or just let him know what you want. Anything around $500 will do. A big screen TV. A plane ticket whatever. He wants your business.

I am sure there is good information in the course but I am always a little leary when I see the whole internet marketing community promoting one course at one time in a "launch." I know what is coming. A huge price tag. Maybe it is worth it. What do you think?

And no I will not buy you a Porsche if you purchase the course from me or anybody else.
But maybe one of these other guys will, who knows?
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    I was fully paid member of Don's first original course 'SMARTS' pimped by Stompernet.
    Don is the guy who put his mind, body and soul into his material. He does it full time and he loves what he does.
    Even if he wouldn't make a penny out of it - he'd still do that.
    So if anyone will buy his stuff - the last thing you'll be sorry about is the quality, clarity, cutting-edginess, and presentation of information and material.
    He is the social media man. He does lots of trying, gray-hat testing and summarizes it all for you.

    The problem you'll be facing with Don's stuff - he is going to flood you with cutting edge top quality information.
    I had a fulltime job back then and then only time i found to listen to his video flood was in a restroom with my ipod or when it was time to go to bed. Seriously.
    If you have the habit of buying and then not following or not using the information - then don't bother, what's the point.

    If you have budget, time and inspiration to barge into social media and make a lasting impression on your customers and competition - then Don will let you know a lot of something others won't.

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    Don's stuff has been good in the past, but truthfully with all the launches that have gone on in the last few months, how much more can people really take in and more importantly take action on...

    I swear all this Social Media Hype today while valid, is all rehashed material, its no different than the Niche Marketing products being released to no end half a decade ago,

    I am sure the product will be great and Jeff Walker obviously has had his hand in the launch, so I am will to be it will be a serious payday,

    Regardless, Just take a little bit more action than yesterday and you will be that much farther ahead...
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    Been watching the videos with interest..Don sounds like a very switched on marketer..wonder if he ever spent time selling cars

    My wife and kids use facebook every day for hours sooooo, I asked them if they ever clicked on an ad answer was " no what ad's"..

    You would expect a social media strategy to produce a high volume of traffic though, I doubt very much if that traffic is worth the effort..because, I appreciate with facebook you can hit the demographic but, when all's said and's interuption marketing similar to PPV.

    A friend of video boss..sure let's send $1997 to each of in the knowledge we won't see the cash ever again but, we will be fully occupied for months taking in the coaching, by which time another mouse trap will appear...

    Sorry to be a bit cynical but IMO this is where it's all going..

    Thousands of would be marketers have bought endless systems from $27 to $97 found them to be close to useless, now they are sick and tired of it all...and collectively $'s out of pocket..enter the big guns with..we really know how to do it and we must be right coz we charge $2K a time...and we made a fortune from scamming eveyone..I could give you a big list of the scams..

    Don covers himself quite smartly with statements like: " we are not here to tell you which niche" or "build a website" and if any work needs doing " out source it"...

    So folks if you think your getting the magic bullet for $2K then sadly, you just arrived from cloud cookoo land however, if your game plan is to spend money and not to earn any then go ahead..

    I dare say in conclusion; you will find all you ever need right here on the WF for less than $50..

    The end

    Make cash flow forecasts in openoffice.
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    The commissions are $1000 plus prizes. So anyone offering you something for $500 is still making a decent income off you!
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    I've been through the SMARTS course by Don.

    It's not about advertising. It's about relationships.

    For $9,997 you gain significantly more value that can be immediately applied to gain a return on investment within 6 monthsthen the $50k or so I spent on a H.B.Comm in University that took me 4 years. But the course is only $1997,

    His practices were immediately applied when I took his material (I believe mid 2007) to my local marketing agency and have since seen the ROI over and over from his material. It works with my National Delivery Service company founded early 2008 and of course to our online local marketing product founded late in 2008 as well.

    The course is fairly priced and he deserves widespread exposure for the quality of his material.

    I am in no way affiliated with Don, meaning we did not promote his product and receive no affiliate commission.
    Father, Entrepreneur, Author, Adranalist
    I teach entrepreneurs to build a sustainable Internet Marketing Agency with real value. I have many free resources and paid training programs available

    -->My Training Website
    -->My Agency Website
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