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Now writing reviews about companies is really not my style, but when a company like TMD Hosting scam an innocent person like me that just wants to host their sites, then something needs to be said.

One of the reasons I say this is because we were hosting a few wordpress MU installs with them, which only had 300 sub domains. It was on one of the shared hosting platforms that they offer, so what they did was suspended the so called unlimited package and said we would need to upgrade to a VPS to handle the MU sites. So we chose to upgrade to the VPS at around $80 per month.

30 Days later they decide to randomly suspend the VPS and tell us that we must upgrade to a dedicated server to get it back online. Enough is enough these are introductory wordpress MU sites with only 300 blogs. So we just told them to shut the sites down and give back our left over money because we paid for 3 months upfront on theirrecommendationthat the VPS was the worthy option. Then they had the cheek to say that they would not refund our money because we were using too much resources, when they were the ones that initially recommended the VPS to us.

So we have basically been left out of pocket by TMD Hosting and besides that we have also lost our sites that we built up over a period of a year. They constantly try to make out that the paying customer is in the wrong and they are ever so right.

I know that hosting companies do tend to lie about their packages selling unlimited etc, but TMD Hosting totally go past that and cut the site off even when hardly nothing is being used. This hosting company really does not care about anything except money and I would warn anyone who is going to host with them to think again big time, they may promise you all these great packages but when it comes down to it they will cut you off and keep your money unless you upgrade.
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    So sorry man.... Thank you for the info.
    Man, they are so bad.
    I never use their service, and not gonna after I read your story.

    Thanx for sharing
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      Something similar happened to me with a different hosting company last year -- and others have had it happen to them, too. There was a thread about it in the Main Forum, although I can't find it right now.

      I just complained loud and long and they turned my account back on -- haven't had any further problems. But I was angry that they'd cut me off without any notice for exceeding my "unlimited" resources, and then tried to upsell me to a more expensive package.

      EDIT: Just to clarify, my bad experience above was NOT with TMD. I've never used them and have no opinion on them. My point was just that this type of thing has been known to happen at a number of different hosts.
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    Wow - sorry to hear that as my experience with TMD has been totally the opposite - they transferred a huge Joomla site for me from another host and have always responded to any ticket within minutes.

    Very scary since I have site there that is definitely growing very quickly there -

    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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    If your site is using excessive resources, your account should be suspended. Even with VPS, if the allocated resources are not enough for your website, you should upgrade to dedicated. Did you bother to look what was the load on your VPS when running 300 websites? Did you bother to optimize any of the code on your websites? what about using cache for your websites?
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