Mano a Mano: Underground Traffic Blueprint vs. Perpetual Traffic Formula. Which is Better?

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The title says it all. Anyone who has seen both courses, care to compare both?

I will start.

Underground Traffic Blueprint - $97
Perpetual Traffic Formula - $1997

So why such a massive price differential? What are major differences between both?

Thanks for playing.
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    You might have missed the 399 Perpetual traffic system discount that was floating before the doors closed mate.

    I've always been a fan of Ryan Deiss, right from the Facebook AdPower and Wholesale traffic system days.
    With that being said, I personally believe the brains behind all this is Perry Belcher! (Just me!)

    However, I got the Underground traffic blueprint way first before the launch of Perpetual, and this is my review...

    In one sentence... Total Waste of Time...and Money for that matter
    The guy narrating, as good as his voice might sound, is talking THEORY from video one...
    After a couple of videos of listening to him talk about what he was going to show me, and not actually taking me by the hand and let me peer over his shoulder (Isn't that what IMers boast to do?) I became impatient and wondered if there was more in the following videos.

    So I kept fastforwarding the .mpeg videos thinking I'd get to the examples, case studies or step-by-step tutorials as the sales page attests...

    Perhaps it's just me... but after Courses such as Copy paste system and Confidential conversions where everything, including the networks are laid out from signing up and showing you HOW to implement campaigns or banners etc... you feel your mouth souring after watching a few more of the Underground traffic blueprint videos.

    In a nutshell, the guys at Underground traffic blueprint had an idea, a concept if you will, it's like they were introduced to some mind blowing traffic strategy and they ran with trying to teach it before they used it themselves, but they just could not articulate the information in a user friendly way that someone looking to use cheap sources of traffic such as facebook would be able to.

    Most of their video content go in this manner... "I am going to show you how to tap into this source... and it'll blow your mind"... then more talk... talk... no examples, just a screenshot of their table of contents showing you what topic is being discussed.

    Don't tell me you're going to show me something that good Darn it... JUST SHOW ME, 
    and stop wasting my time by talking without pausing and sounding breathless!
    When I got to their 8million visitors videos, I was psyched, because I thought... man finally perhaps this is it... then...?
    More theory...they spend an entire video showing you how to use Alexa for market research... to target demographics...DUH!

    I'm really disappointed in the Underground traffic blueprints... it just does not deliver... it's like an olive... looks great on the outside and makes your mouth water... but upon biting... well, it's an acquired taste after all, you either like it or not..and in this case, I give this course my big FAT Middle finger!

    Their 8 million visitors source of traffic? Some British News site ranked 2500 by Alexa... HONESTLY? Almost 40 videos just to discuss one source of traffic?

    My closing on this course...
    If you're looking for "FREE TRAFFIC" as they call it, do some media buys, buy direct from the traffic source without using a middle man if you can and, should you ever find yourself intending to advertise on facebook, or other high trafficked web 2.0 properties etc...don't bid on the full recommended amount to pay for your ppc campaigns... rather, bid on a figure somewhere in the middle of the recommended high bid price... you'll still get a hell lot of traffic, but at the fraction of the recommended bid price, and also have a suave English speaking squeeze page that will blow the knickers off Keira Knightly to make a sale, and oh, use tracking software such as prosper 202 for your conversions!

    At the end of the day, there is no such thing as free traffic, organic or otherwise, you either pay for it through time and effort, or hedge your bets in some form of arbitrage or something to that effect.

    As for Perpetual Traffic System... I'm still to sink my teeth in the course,... I'm getting there, and hopefully will be back to review.

    Take care.
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    Many thanks Rainmak3r for your review. Let us know how Perpetual Traffic Formula is after you have had some time to sink your teeth in it.

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      Thanks Rainmak3r because that did start to look very interesting to me as well. How's the PTF coming?
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