News on AdGold Rush / Liz Sherwood?

by nazima
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Does anyone have any recent information on Liz Sherwood and AdGold Rush? There was a very vague update recently, very late as usual, and then a few days ago I thought I would check the site again at and it says that the account has been suspended. I have emailed them but again as usual there has been no reply. I must admit I was giving her the benefit of the doubt for ages which now seems dumb and naive but she was so convincing. My heart sank when I saw that message on the update page. I can only conclude finally that we have all been comprehensively duped and robbed. I feel stupid for believing in her for so long. I know she went through a divorce from husband Brian and then the update talked about her and her daughter Kira heading for the hills during the recent hurricane but curiously there seems to be nothing else on the Net about any problems apart from a thread on the AdSense Chat forum. Where are all the other miners? Does anyone have any updates? Would be grateful to hear any comments, thoughts or further information.
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    I too was duped by this crook. I took it as a learning experience and have moved on. Now that I have started my own sites, I have seen how quickly it is to get them up and running, which proved the point that all her emails about getting the sites online was a bunch of bull. I also gave her the benefit of the doubt for way to long. I'm considering the money I spent with her a loss. It's kind of strange that she continues to send out the random emails. I almost see it as a slap in the face when she does.
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    How could anyone have stayed on there? She was pushing crap from the beginning. I checked it out when it was first released, got a look at what she was selling, and refunded 2 days later. The articles read like they were written by third graders.
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    The articles read like they were written by third graders
    Wannabe 3rd graders :-)
    "He elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victorias funeral."

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    Wow - had no idea she was still out there hawking this product! I was also one of the 'early adopters' and got out almost immediately - and had a heck of time getting the service cancelled - she continued to ignore my requests and billed for quite some time - I did eventually get my money back but it was a battle.

    This was a while ago - but you need to keep on top of it if you want to cancel and not get re-billed!
    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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    It was a VERY expensive PLR service which was heavily backed by Yanik Silver at the beginning.

    I had that very first month too, then was out. Another object lesson in not taking ANYTHING for granted in this market.
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    wow. I didn't realize that this was still around either. I was not involved in it, but she had a most remarkable launch. Not heard her name for a long time, but would be interested in hearing what she is doing now. I assumed that she had left IM.
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    I am embarrassed to say that I stuck around but I did. I was very naive at the time, but since then I have learned a lot. Live and learn I guess

    Melody, I'm curious on how you ended up getting your money back?
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    Liz Sherwood, yes that's her name. She told us all about her loving 'husband' and included pictures of her 'child' in her squeeky voice. This, together with the 'church' work she was involved in painted such a quaint picture.

    But yes, Adgold Rush was nothing more than a synical confidence trick.
    She is probably now onto another such caper using a different identity.

    As with most crooks they eventually get caught out.

    So, my wish for 2009 is that she will be caught out and exposed for what she really is.
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      This Liz is one piece of work. She's ripped me off of $1000USD and has the audacity to email me with this:

      Here's what Liz Sherwood is up to? She sent me this email on Dec.31,2008.

      Subject Title: Gratitude for 2008/09

      Hi {name_fix!},

      Happy Holidays & New Year!

      As I always tell my daughter Kira, this time of the year is a time to express gratitude for our life and all our gifts.[$1000USD from me]

      2008 has been a bear of a year. It seems that one thing after another has plagued our progress. My divorce and adjustment to single motherhood also took its toll.

      But for all that, I am so grateful that everyone has stood by me in this challenging time.

      You have stood by me and cheered me on as we have jumped hurdle after hurdle. You have steadfastly believed in our mission to help each other and succeed together. I am grateful for such encouragement and support.

      2009 is going to be the year of the Little People. No more is the machine of the big corporation going to slow us down. Together we are going to succeed.

      Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. None of us know exactly where it will take us, but I'm so glad we are doing it together.

      Have a Very Happy New Year!
      Let's make 2009 a Great Year!
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        I had a membership early on but got out after the first month. But I don't think she is a scammer, just caught up in a bad patch in her life.

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    Roger, I got the same email. Unbelievable!

    Batchos, I wanted to think the same thing but after month after month of lies, I'd say definite scammer.
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    Wow! She sounded so honest and more importantly, Yanik Silver gave her glowing reviews. I actually wanted to join but she never replied to my questions about her service. Now, about 1 year later, I finally discover the truth about her. I'm so glad I didn't give her any money. I did think her AdGold Rush doorknob thingy was kinda corny
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      I knew the day would come when I would find you all.... so bummed-- my unbelievably conservative husband came home in November of 06, his coworker had done very well (six figures well) with Adsense and told him about it- He suggested Ad Gold Rush as a good beginner product- he had met Liz etc. I started out silver and the overachiever in me switched to gold a few weeks later- hubby thought it was a great idea but got bored with it-- I worked many many hours to learn it and did have fun, however, worked ftime, had a newborn, and a 3 yr old. I remember sitting at my desk at midnight listening to Liz's video clips..So I hired my college age sister (money out door but I am sure I paid for some great college outings) to do bookmarking for me etc-- I was inactive for Dec and Jan due to schedule/holidays etc. In Feb, March, April- I got my arms around it and quickly realized I was getting my accounts deactivated on various sites. I will say I personally spoke to Liz and Brian quite a few times and they were helpful- it made sense and I did feel I was still somewhat in on the ground level.

      I got in on her "dynamite" roll out, which was really a result of what I had experienced--- you can't have 100 people recycling the same topics/articles or it downgrades everyone... I did not even know what I was doing and figured that out. I got out in April 07 (down about $1400), however, am owed some money- they were waiting for the affiliates to pay them b/c they were checking their legitimacy (I knew where we were when I heard that)- the thought of following up and trying to go back through all the confusing communications I had with them was exhausting-- and here we are 2 yrs later- my husband still asks if I have resolved....big help by him :rolleyes:

      If you knew my hubby, you would not believe he also bought Adsense Wealth Empire for $1000 and handed it to me- are you kidding me.... although user friendly- who has the time. I never even got into it- we really never used it...brand new. (would be interested if any of you have heard of or used this product)

      About a yr ago I checked to see if anyone else had concerns with Liz b/c I was frustrated by the loss- we are both professionals and cynical and do not believe in the get rich quick scenarios. I am not the litigious type, however, I do feel something needs to be made right here. Not sure how to go about it but wonder if we all got together if we could make something happen?

      The sad thing is if you know that each strategy is only hot for 4-5 mos and work that, you can make some money-- once the big developers build the programs that work automatically, it floods the net. I will say- I had fun learning about this side of internet marketing and google. I now own a business (in addition to working, overachieving again ) and do feel I will be able to use some of the SEO concepts to drive traffic to my site, although I am rusty-- will have to dust off what I do have left from Adgold rush and AWE.

      Wow-- that was therapuetic-- let me know if anyone has thoughts- part of me would be interested in getting resolution.
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        I also would like some accountability on Liz's part for how it all ended but I doubt that it will happen. I'm surprised that there isn't more on the Net about AdGoldRush because I think there must have been many more of us who hung on until the bitter end. However, it is really hard to track down all the 'miners'. Maybe most of them saw the writing on the wall and got out much earlier. It's funny that you also bought Adsense Wealth Empire as I did and then didn't get very far with it. I actually thought in the end that the sites it produced were low quality and a bit spammy. I hope your new business works out for you.
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