The REAL Truth About Ron Douglas The NY Times "Best Seller"...

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...I don't know if any of you guys have seen that BIG, HUGE ad for Ron Douglas' "Publicity Secrets" course that's advertised at the top of the forum - I mean who hasn't?

Well, I was a BIT skeptical at first about this product but I went ahead and bought it. You see, I am in the process of writing my first book on using outsourcing and automation to achieve high ROI on new media investments and that isn't exactly as exciting as America's Got Talent, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie or other words I recognized I needed to learn how to present the benefits of what I'm trying to communicate to the *average* person in a way that would engage them...

Anyway, I took the plunge and bought the product yesterday. I downloaded the audio which featured a 1 hr long Insider's Interview with Ron's publicist who actually works with sports starts, politicians AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN IM. Someone who makes well into the $0,000,000+ a year (probably closer to 8 figures....)

What's my take? Here's what I think: despite the hype (THE BIG HUGE AD AT THE TOP OF THE FORUM...)

you would have to be either
a) crazy
b) stupid
or, alternatively
c) both crazy and stupid

.....NOT TO GET THIS COURSE if you are SERIOUS about taking your products and personal brands to the NEXT LEVEL.

What is the part that sold me?! Well, when you download the MP3 that I'm referring to, heck you could practically skip alot of it and speed up to what really matters to the smart business person - ROI! Return on your investment.....SUBSCRIBERS, LEADS & SALES.

I have listened to part 33:25 of the audio and I am not going to divulge the guys secrets and tactics but he talks about how he got 45,000 *new* email subscribers in 72 hours WITHOUT SPENDING ONE DIME...

Toward the end, his publicist team also divulges a *sneaky* (but legal!) tactic to get the email addresses and/or contact info of members of the press and pitch your story to them.

Lastly, if you happen to reading this, then you know that his killer strategy no. 2 on page 17 in the section "10 Surefire Ways to Guarantee You Get Publicity" really does work

If I wasn't so busy working on my own publications I'd definitely promote this guy's product.

A final note - THIS IS NOT A SILVER BULLET. This is a very sophisticated way of getting INSANE AMOUNTS of traffic that has nothing to do with article marketing, seo, linkbuilding, blog commenting, etc.

You're going to have to get off your computer, get comfortable speaking with the press, getting in front of the camera and the like. So if you aren't ready to do this, my advice is save your money.

But if you're like me and you know there's an easier route to getting publicity to your website - ESPECIALLY if you want to work with OFFLINE clients - by all means this is some of the best few dollars I've ever spent on a business promotion education product/info guide.

I hope this helps.....see you guys on CNBC
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    What advertisement? I don't see the name Ron Douglas anywhere on this forum at all. =)

    I think this is great if you have something worthy to change people lives. I hope many warriors who have a service/product that can improve people lives can put those strategies to good use. With so many lame products getting into the mainstream national TV, it's time for a change for the better.
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