Traffic Snowball System by Jason Nyback

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Anyone tried this system?
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    Did you spend the $68? If so, what do you think so far?
    I just watched his video and was wondering if any other warriors checked out his "system". Let me know. Much appreciated.
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    I bought the product a while ago and its ok...The only problem I had with it is that he basically says use your banner ads to get links to your website to improve SEO. However according to Google you should no follow your adverts because obviously Google don't see them as legitimate votes. So I would be vary careful if you are using banner ads as your links because they could well be viewed as paid links
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      Jason Nyback here! Couple things:

      #1 - I don't think you should "sell" banner ads if that is what you are talking about.

      #2 - The success from banner ads is 2 fold. First, you are going to get traffic which hopefully makes you a profit. That is assuming you are selling the right stuff. Second, you do get links.

      I don't know what you are talking about in terms of Google not liking them! I have been doing this exact strategy for years and still get massive traffic from the search engines because of it.

      Just don't buy banners on sites that sell links to people. In niche markets, MOST of the banners you buy are going to be from sites that are not selling links. They are usually sites that just have good content, exc.

      The link value is a bonus and not the only reason. I don't care about Google as they are not my only traffic source!

      Also - Google is not everything. There are other search engines that you can get free traffic from as well!

      So just be smart about it! Sell great stuff that will make you a lot of money and make sure you only buy banners on good sites so you can get traffic and link value from the banners.

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        There's over 3 pages of comments/feedback about this product in the WSO forum.

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