Which Essential WordPress SEO Plugins i need?

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can u pls recommend for good free SEO WP Plugins......
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    Paid: WP robot for automation
    WP unique to make posts unique
    SEO pressor to help optmize posts
    CB rogue to drop cookies on pages
    wp Syndicate to distribute your posts...

    I hope that helps
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      Do you recommend wp robot and is it expensive?

      Seek and you shall find
      Ask and you shall receive
      Knock and the door will open...

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      Originally Posted by aclacy View Post

      Paid: WP robot for automation
      WP unique to make posts unique
      SEO pressor to help optmize posts
      CB rogue to drop cookies on pages
      wp Syndicate to distribute your posts...

      I hope that helps
      Nice mention of the WP Syndicator ... Andy Fletcher and I have built a few sweet seo plugins that rocks ... that guy can code some damn good php :-)
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    I recommend SEO Ultimate. There are lots of features comes with this plugin.
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    Not really. $147 for the full thing with free updates until he releases a new version. Worth the money.
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      Originally Posted by cypherslock View Post

      Not really. $147 for the full thing with free updates until he releases a new version. Worth the money.
      You should have added that she can buy separate WP Robot modules for 20-40$.
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    I always saw All in One SEO listed in those "best of" plug-in lists so that's what I use. You don't have to do anything to it to make it work, just install and activate. But he does give you options for optimizing further as well.
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    I use "All In One SEO" as well
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      A sitemap plug in to create a site map obviously
      Login Lockdown to prevent mass attacks on your password
      Contact Form 7 to create nice contact forms and protect your email address
      Duplicate Post - Create a template and then use this to duplicate it for every post. Makes it much faster to have a nice looking consistent blog
      Easy Privacy Policy - Quick and simple set up
      MaxBlogPress PingOptimizer - If you edit posts you need this.
      Statcounter Plugin - If you use statcounter to look at traffic stats
      Pretty Link - To manage affiliate links
      SEO Smart Links
      SEO Friendly Images
      THank Me Later for automated follow up on people who comment on your blog
      Smart Youtube - for easy playing of Youtube videos on your site
      W3TotalCache - Improve site performance against increased traffic demand
      Referral Detector - to greet people with a custom greeting depending on where they came from
      Wordpress Database Backup- Set up a gmail account and have it sent every day. A MUST!!

      If you use Thesis - Thesis Openhook

      I know that went beyond SEO but hope it helps.
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      All in One SEO works well for me as well. You might also want to consider Daniel Tan's plugin. Haven't purchased it but it looks like it can do great things. Anyone have any comments related to this?
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    I can't believe that these two plugins never made the list yet! And they are critical!!!

    PC Robots.txt
    Google XML Sitemaps

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    1/ All in one seo or Platinum SEO to use more advance features

    2/ sociable - Automatically add links on your posts, pages and RSS feed to your
    favorite social bookmarking sites

    3/XML sitemaps

    4/ statpress

    5/ do follow plugin

    6/ wp greet box - show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url.


    Seo friendly images
    seo smart links
    Wordpress Duplicate Content Cure
    Simple Tags
    SEO Super Comments
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    Here are the main ones for me:

    All in one SEO
    XML Sitemap
    SEO smart links
    SEO friendly images
    PC Robots.txt
    Robots Meta
    do follow plugin
    Google Analytics
    Broken Link Checker
    cbnet ping optimizer
    wp super cash
    wp optimize
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    You know, it really depends on how comfortable you are with blogging, how much time your have, whether you plan on taking a real active role in the blog and such.

    There are a few plugins that you may want to use with various aspects of blogging
    All in One SEO
    SEO Ultimate
    Core Tweak by SEO automatic

    Back End Functionality
    pretty link
    Automatic SEO links
    Comment Redirect
    Comment luv
    Official Stat counter

    WP firewal
    Login Lokdown
    wp Antivirus

    If you need ideas or something PM me and we can talk
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      Akismet for me is a must.
      Stop all that spam.
      It requires an API key. To get that go to wordpress.com set up a free account. You can then get your API key and add it to Akismet. Simples.

      There are other spam options such as si-captcha but in my experience it puts people off commenting.

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    On each of my WordPress sites, these plugins are mandatory:

    • All in one SEO pack
    • Google XML Sitemap
    • Fast Secure Contact Form
    • Canonical URL's
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    What do these plug ins do exactly?

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    I recommend:

    SEO Power
    All In One SEO
    Automatic SEO Links
    Google Video Sitemap
    WP Robot
    WP Syndicator

    - Tim
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    Ok the freebies that are good for SEO..

    - All In One Seo (as mentioned above)
    - yet-another-related-posts-plugin (it also puts them into your RSS feed)
    - subscribe-to-comments
    - robots-meta (for helping with follow, index, noindex, and do follow)
    - psychic-search (tells ya what they are searching for when they come to your site, then if the term they are searching for produces no results, you can write a blog post about it)
    - maxblogpress-ping-optimizer
    - Flash video player / embedded-video-with-link
    - google-sitemap-generator (xml sitemap)
    - google-analytics-for-wordpress
    - tweetmeme
    - facebook-like-button / facebook-share / fbconnect / facebook comments

    Several paid ones:
    - WP Silo builder
    - SEO Power
    - RSS Optimizer
    - Google Video Sitemap
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