One True Media Review

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I just wasted 20 minutes working on a dispute for this.

This company offers a easy service to make videos for you. However looks like its more of a cash grab for the owners.

You pay $3.99 a month (small fee, so people dont notice).

The videos are made, example - Video removed, contains somebody's affiliate links -- even if they're not yours, still don't want 'em here

They have the companies marketing on it at the starting and end. I am not interested in paying a service that would market on my video. OK no problem, thats how they do it.

I emailed them and asked. They are like yeah we only have very little (very little is the first thing). I asked if I can get it without the marketing or it was not something I would be interested in. No response. 2 more emails, no response.

I put a dispute into paypal, they did not respond.

Next month, they charge me again $3.99 after I asked to cancel and no response to emails.

I think they are just putting a small amount and marketing to build there own brand and grab money from customers who will not notice the small amount.

I strongly suggest to stay away unless you want to waste time and help them market.

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