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I've been seeing threads as usual about article submitters and having tried many of them, I thought I should tell you that I've found "the one". I've used ArticleBot, ArticleSubmitAuto, MAS and finally (finally!) found AMR. Support is top notch, it is CHEAP (WSO) and he adds features that are requested quickly.

It even does reports the live links for your articles so you can socially bookmark them, with the option of either just having the links reported in a plain html file or a CSV. Out of 950 directories, I've successfully signed up and confirmed 715 and gotten 500 or so published (this of course depends on your niche and so on). It has a spinner as well. In short, everything I was trying to find. I'm not an affiliate yet just one extremely satisfied customer. IT also has an auto spin on submit (articles need to be in spin text first of course) and a scheduler.

You can even multiple select articles. So, let's say you've got ten articles on a niche put into AMR. You then just shift-select them all and select the article directories you want. Then hit submit and up pops the scheduler. You can select how many articles you want submitted as well as in what time frame (one day apart, 6 hours, 10 days, etc) and you can also specify when it starts (i.e. 2 days from now). So you have fine control.

The other products are all good, but for the complete package AMR is it. At least, that is, for me. Link removed by moderator -- against the rules
I'm not an affiliate (not yet anyway), just one very very happy customer.
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    I actually use this with The Best Spinner since AMR supports nested spinning!

    What I like about the software is you can sort the directories by PR - so, if I just want to submit to high ranking directories, I can do that.

    The schedule is awesome since I can drip-feed my article submission.

    Here's my article plan.

    1) Use ArticleAssistant (free software to generate ideas on keyword niches)
    2) Use Instant Article Factory to fill out those ideas by using article templates (takes only 3 to 10 minutes to write a good article)
    3) Use The Best Spinner to spin the paragraphs, sentences, and, words - create like thousands of variations.
    4) Use AMR to submit to articles using the scheduler system.

    With that plan, I can just write 50 articles in just one day and create thousands of variations, and then use AMR to drip-feed the submission.

    The rest of the week, I can take a break, I hope.
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    I agree... Ariticle Marketing Robot is the complete package.
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    Thank you for the kind words. It's the user base that is making this software better every day. There are so many things that I didn't even think of until everyone starting suggesting excellent ideas.

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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Can you submit unchanged (i.e. the same article, no spinning) articles with this software?
    You can submit unchanged articles to any or all directories. No article spinning required. I just bought this and it is a wonderful tool. One time payment and there is a WSO for 50% off. Awesome deal. Over 1100 directories and growing.
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    I know that there are elements of comparison in this thread but basically it's talking about a WSO and the rules of this forum don't allow that.

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