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I have purchased the AFFILIATE MOVIE (VIDEO) affliate marketing program with SEAN DONOHOE.

I am finding the program extremely educational on the core basic of affiliate marketing, unfortunately the market I selected ("Reverse Phone Lookups") has only made 1 conversion in over 150 clicks. I am also having a difficult time getting sustained traffic.

I was wondering if anyone else has purchased this product and how are they doing with it? Any suggestions are welcome.


Alan Richmond
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    Sadly I cannot give you results. I thought the materials of the course were good - but i think it would have been better if they had given handouts and actual written blueprints (mindmaps), to make absorbing the material easier.

    12 plus hours just blew me away, but I am planning some niche markets soon.

    Did you just upload to youtube? How many views did you get?

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    Yes traffic is an issue. He talks of ping and pr's but did he ever talk about how he got so much traffic to his case study so fast?
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    Did you all buy the course for $997? I am thinking of taking the plunge after watching the full hour and 45 minute offer video. On point, lots of good ideas and money making tips. I used one today successfully. I just cannot believe what they say is true though. They state that the promo video is only 1% of what the entire course contains. Could that be true? Is there that much more in the 13 hours lessons? Please let me know if you think it is worth it.

    Thanks .:. Bo
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      I just listened to the webinar as well and it certainly makes the program sound fantastic. However the price is tough to swallow all at once.

      Sean also had a program called Video Assassin which he promoted as a WSO last year. It looks like it's got some of the same elements. Anyone here know the major differences and improvements?
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    I know that there are some other courses on making money via YouTube. Does anyone here have an idea what they are and where I can see the sales page? I mean, this can't be the only course. . .

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    Hi, I also bought the product for 997.00 without any hesitation knowing his former products. I hope no one has bought it cheaper . Saying that I also thought when I bought it that it would be hard to get an additional 90 - 95% material than what was already offered. I dove right in and watched all 12 hours in the first few days and must say it does offer an additional 90% of great material.

    I have a few of Sean's other courses and I am a monthly member on his site and must say this is the most complete course I have ever come across. For someone like me that just started 6 months ago I learned what would take a few years of trial and error in a few days. If anyone wants to see the latest video I put up just send me an email and I will send you the link, or look for my new channel makemoneyonlineDNA on youtube I think he plans to launch it in Oct and it may be worth waiting to see what the price is, I will try to make my money back before than and grab the top niches before the rest of you get in. Personally I don't think he should lower the price. I think that the less people that have it the more its worth to the ones that do. I am reviewing the course and plan on getting a lot more videos out over the next few weeks.

    The hardest part is getting traffic, (seems to be the general problem of internet marketing) He does cover this step by step in the course and I think if you put all of his traffic methods to use it will work and you can use the same traffic methods for all you sites. If you are already good at generating traffic and have the tools than this is a no brainer you would have your money back in a week.

    In conclusion it is an intense course which gives you more than enough tools to succeed at video marketing and online. It does take work and is more suited for the person who is willing to go at it and work hard to succeed without giving up. If your just going to put up one video and quit than its not for you. I also think it would be a great course for most companies that want to improve there internet marketing.
    Thanks Sean for another great course.

    James Dubec
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    Do you want to know what all the videos are about? I have special bonus for this course in my signature.

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    The videos and other resources with this video course are mentioned below. Of course you will get my bonus if you buy from my link in my signature:

    There are 13 videos in the main course

    1. Introduction Video
    In this Video Sean gives an overview of the course.

    2. Tools of Trade Video
    In 2nd video Sean explains all the tools you require and will use for video marketing. He recommends few plug-ins, screen capture tool to make videos and Video Editing Tools and some other that you require and are freely available.

    3. Finding Hot Market Instantly Video
    In this video he explains how you can do market research for video marketing. No paid tool is involved her. Sean shows the process and recommends few excellent ways to search for prospective buyers. In this video he shows niche research and affiliate programs.

    4. Picking Proven Money Makers Video

    Sean recommends different offers that you can promote with videos. He recommends CPA market but also provides some excellent ideas to choose niches to promote with video marketing

    5. Laser Targeted Keyword Research Video
    In this video he shares his experience on using laser targeted keyword research to find profitable market and to get lot of traffic to your videos

    6. Choosing the Right Campaign Strategy Video
    Sean explains different types of video marketing campaigns that he uses. He shares long term strategies that will work in future too.

    7. Killer Video Content Strategies Video
    In this video you will learn how to creating killer video contents that will convert. High quality content converts to high profits. He shows different content strategies and each is inspiring and powerful with regard to conversions and earning profits. Really some great eye opening strategies that currently many people don't know.

    8. Making Movies That Sell Video
    It’s a 47 minute video where he shows how to make killer videos that convert. He has his own strategy that is working for him for years.

    9. Putting It All Together Video
    In this 31 minute video he explains how to build video siphon.

    10. 3-2-1 Action Video
    This is one hour video where he shows examples to run complete campaign for your video. How to SEO the video page on your site and on different video sites including YouTube.

    11. Spread the Word Video
    In this 1 hour video he gives great recommendations to promote your video all over the web and make it viral with practical examples. He promotes one of his video campaign and shows how he does all that stuff

    12. Total Niche Domination Video
    In this 35 minutes video, he explains how to dominate your niche completely on different traffic sources and video websites to start making good money like hundred dollars in a day.

    13. Creating an Empire Video
    In this 32 minutes video he shows how to do video marketing for long term profits and to build an online video marketing empire

    Advanced Training Modules Video

    In this over 4 hours video he shows advanced video marketing methods. Below are the points that he covers in this video
    1. Introduction
    2. Advanced Video Content Methods
    3. Power Lead Generation Profits
    4. Fast Trend Cash Storm
    5. Viral Funny Money
    6. Local Marketing Cash Explosion
    7. Advanced Video Magic Techniques
    8. Become a You Tube Star
    9. Final Thoughts

    Example and Resources

    He also provides a few examples of video campaigns with some great resources to become a professional video marketer. Plus I think he also provides video backgrounds effects and lot of other stuff to make your videos more professional

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      i would like to join with people or get a good team of people to work with Sean Donohoe affiliate commander.

      Is there anyone interested in this?i would like to work with someone who is good on the Internet i have some good courses myself and can contribute via
      other ideas for Internet success.

      contact me

      or mobile 07 519 864 227

      best Regards

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