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Does anyone have any info on this? It's from Trey Smith and it sounds familiar, but then again, everything does when you're as old as I am.
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    I have the same question.

    Actually, I'm also *really* curious as to why he's offering a "free" DVD via mail. What's the biz strategy there?? Is it to develop an off-line list for snail mailing. That seems strange to me....but hey, there's plenty I don't know about.

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      Tied you into a membership if you don't cancel in 30 days.

      Trey's cool though.
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      I saw the video and once he said all you have to cover is S&H I said to my self "'this sounds like russells methods ( continuity membership site) and looking over the posts, sure enough it is.....I had the email sent from the Kern MAN I've yet to see him promote false promises so im thinking its a good idea but I am focused on a certain project ....cant derail.

      Ricardo Acosta
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        If you watch the video, he says that he threw traffic at 12,000 Clickbank offers to see which ones made money.

        In the end, he found 54 of them were profitable and he's providing you with a list of those offers.

        I picked it up because I was wanted to see what the 54 sites were. As it turns out, there are more than 54 profitable sites as some that were previously unprofitable turned a profit.

        It was interesting to see the list of profitable sites, but there are a few problems with the conclusions someone could take from this.

        1 - He only used one source of traffic (PPV) from one provider of said traffic (TrafficVance)
        2 - He only bid on the domain name of the site

        So... although these sites are profitable with this particular method/traffic source, you can't extrapolate that data to other methods/traffic sources.

        That being said, there's no reason why you couldn't bid on the same domains using the same traffic.
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          If I could figure out how to thank people, I'd "thank" them properly. But, alas, this way will have to do. (I'm assuming it's b'cause i haven't made many posts yet.)

          I hadn't considered this could be a continuity program. I guess it makes sense. But, I can't imagine any situation where I'd give up my mailing address to a "guru" to get advice from a DVD. Hmm, i suppose maybe if i *really* wanted to deconstruct the marketing strategy and had a P.O. Box... Then again, why would I need to do that when there are so many amazing Warriors here to help?
          Stop Losing 98% of Your Website Visitors!

          Sell to your visitors AFTER they've left your site!
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    just got an email from frank kern about it, watched the sales dvd, got to say it made zero sense to me
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    Its called a self liquidating offer.

    He makes about $3 on every DVD you buy up front. Then you get signed up for their monthly continuity program. It is forced continuity but clearly spelled out. Even if the majority of people cancel before the 30 days are out, a percentage will stay.

    This is based on a number effect alright. It is called knowing the lifetime value of a customer.

    I would expect it to be pretty profitable for Trey and Frank.
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    hmm...I like the way he offers to continue the membership for the discounted price of $97 per month...the full price must be quite big!
    Are there really people out there who pay the "full" price??

    All the best!

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    Hi Guys,

    I signed up for this and just finished the videos.
    It has some really good ideas for Keyword research and using tracking tools such as prosper202 but not much else.

    I even found a few continuity problems in the videos where they promise to show results in a final video that does not exist. After numerous emails to support I was told that they were not going to upload a final video.

    The course left me with one big pressing question:

    What did Trey and Anthony use to test 12000 clickbank offers in one go.
    If they went through the method described for each offer there is no way that they could have done all 12000 offers in such a short time. even with a mass upload to TrafficVance. There is no mention of ad-copy for these offers or even how they created the headlines for anchor text (if direct linking).

    Now with these considerations I wouldn't really place much authority on the validity of the 50 (69 in my case) offers. it would be nice to see some credentials for these offers.

    The software also automatically generates affiliate links for the latest CB products that do not have pop-ups using the database from cb-analytics.com. I don't really see the point in this tool as you still need to write ad text and perform keyword research. Just having an automated list of affiliate links will not really do much for you unless you have an automation tool that can grab the links, go to the URL, scrape Keywords, do a google search to grab competitor ads and then provide a nice database of links, ads and keywords.

    For this reason I would expect another large ticket product to be released soon possibly with a monthly membership that automates the process and might even take offers from offervault.com or another similar service.

    As it stands unless there is something really good released in the next week I am going to cancel my membership and wait for the next product from these guys.
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      thanks for the detailed report, confirmed what I suspected, glad that my IM BS detector is still working, trust me you need one if you are on anyones list!
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