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I'm curious - Which of these outsourcing websites do you favor or send most of your work to?

1) Elance
2) ODesk
3) Freelancer
4) Guru
5) Scriptlance
6) Other
7) VWorker (rentacoder.com)
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    Others. What about onlinejobs.ph?
    Works for me.
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      I voted for
      1) Elance
      2) ODesk
      3) Freelancer
      6) Other

      Here is why:
      My freelancing goes to Freelancer.com. I like their escrow system and the testimonials, but know from experience that you better ask other former customers about their opinion. On ALL freelance or outsourcing sites their is some "Sir, give me 10 points [replace that with the highest voting available] or I couldn't give you your code".

      ODesk is cool as I like their payment system. You might pay more, but gain more control.

      I would also vote for Bestjobs.ph, as it is the hugest job portal in the Philippines. Don't know if they will limit access sooner or later, but as long as it works I will use it ;-)

      IMHO you should seperate between outsourcing (ongoing tasks) and freelancing (small projects) and make your choice.

      Have to see a friend for dinner (I'm living in Asia and it is 4PM) and have an hour drive, so tc
      Nothing to sell...
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    Why not Vworker? (Previously RentACoder.com). I use it frequently for my outsourcing purposes.

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    Have had good experiences with outsourcing on both ODesk and Freelancer however after successive bad results overall with elance I don't use that anymore but that’s a personal choice as I know many like that site, just didn’t work for me.
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    Lexorsoft.net seems very solid
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    I like freelancer and odesk equally
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    can get some good stuff here in the classified/warriors for hire sections
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    Well, it depends... Everyone has their own experience but Freelancer works mostly.
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      I've been using Odesk for outsourcing work for my offline company and online. I like odesk because it has a good team management section and I ensure that all team members log onto odesk when they are working for me so I can monitor the progress.
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      Used them, got great response. Hired a very talented gal who speaks better English than I do. Highly recommend.
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    Hi Guys,
    Where would you go to find good writers, mainly article writers, that do not charge an arm and a leg ?
    I know I should browse some sections here, but if someone could recommend some services that would greatly help.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I found that the service I use is not as important as the location of the person.

    Some countries I won't even look at using any longer.

    James Christmas

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