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About to invest in version. Mostly for my other half who is really interested in photography since we moved here to the south of France.
I have a feeling that I might jump on it now and again to make some headers etc.

Any Ideas as to which version of this to buy? I know elements is cheaper and would probably do, but there is like 8 versions of that out there.

Help me spend my money guys. :confused:
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    Depends really what you want to do it with the software, elements is cheaper because it is just as the title states the basic elements. The newest version is Photoshop CS5 which I am running to make my web graphics etc, and it really is good for everything from graphics to photography work, however sometimes the features can be overwhelming.

    It depends how much your other half is into in terms of the editing side of photography, CS5 has everything, but if they just want to black and white/put basic effects on, I think you can save some money and go with elements.

    I hope that made sense!
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    I agree with Paul. You must try the latest version. If you find it too advanced then you go and buy old versions.
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    When you do decide what version you want be sure to check out eBay. You should be able to find what you want legitimately at a deeply discounted price. I got new, in the box, never registered CS2 for under a hundred bucks last year. I love it. Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone.

    Paul, I just downloaded your free ebook Instant Product. Wow! your giving away some value there.

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    Try Gimp first before you spend a lot of money on Photoshop.

    Gimp is a great program and is FREE

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    It all depends what you're going to use it for. For most hobby photographers, Photoshop Elements is perfectly adequate. By all means do as Paul suggests and download the free trial of the latest version. If it has a lot of bells and whistles you don't need, have a look on eBay for a second user copy of Photoshop 7 or Photoshop CS2 as they are the core that later versions are built on. Just make sure you're getting a genuine copy and not an illegal "knock-off".

    As far as alternatives are concerned Serif PhotoPlus is underrated IMHO. You can download a free version from here: PhotoPlus – Free Image & Photo Editing Software Download
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      Would definitely try GIMP before you buy Photoshop.

      However, I would buy Photoshop 7. I use CS4 at work but when I need to switch computers which have Photoshop 7 on them. I find it more than suitable for my web design needs.
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    PaintShop Pro is much cheaper... Get version 9 or older. 10 and above includes DMCA spy-ware. Same with Photoshop, use version 7 or older, Later versions come with DMCA spy-ware. There are free less powerful graphics programs out there that may be enough to do what you are looking for, however version 9 of Paintshop Pro at ebay or another used program selling site can usually be had for under $20 and will be compatible with most of the filters available, (around 4,000 free ones, though most you'd never use).
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      This is all going to depend highly on what type of photography she is expecting to do and just how fancy you are going to get with your headers.

      I own Photoshop CS3 - have also used photoshop 6 in the past. Both did much of the same stuff - but CS3 moved some stuff around visually, and became more suited for more recent web requirements.

      I have a client who I recently went to visit who is using Elements 3.

      I have to say I was quite impressed. She sends in photos for a local paper. She actually uses Iphoto to do some minor edits ie color adjustment - but you can do it too on elements. What she needed help with was learning how to properly tag the photos and fill in all the commentary and details - and this was all on Elements.

      She was also in need of a watermark to put over her pictures and I was even able to create a transparent PNG file to create the watermark using Elements.

      As for making some simple headers I'm confident it can handle that.

      I will warn you though - while I can create banners with CS3 I find I'm not really a graphic designer. The time it takes me is very time consuming and for 10 bucks or so I can just hire someone to make a professional looking one.

      Unless you are looking to do massive amounts of graphics or really get into design, the Photoshop CS versions will likely be great overkill.

      I do recommend you check out the free downloads to try.

      Also, when I first got into photoshop I found a weekend class at a community college which gave me a massive jumpstart to getting a handle on the program - so if you do go pro you might want to look around for this.

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