Joomla vs Wordpress - Which do you prefer for Sites?

by Dexx
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When I first started marketing online I used Joomla, and then eventually found out about the ease of Wordpress for posting frequent new content.

However in my Offline Marketing endeavours, I've started coming across more information and backing that in terms of content management systems...Joomla should be a preferred choice (i.e. Realtor Websites w/ Property Listings)

It seems more of the discussions I've found state that if you are looking to produce/publish a lot of content frequently then Wordpress is more user friendly...but in terms of full on content websites that Joomla is more favorable especially with their extentions and user access controls (where Wordpress only has 3 levels) so if you are creating a website that multiple levels of people throughout a company will be updating...Joomla is preferred...

Example reference:

", a leading web design and technical blog published an article recently where the author states that "if you’re willing to trade some extra time learning a more advanced, go to Joomla.""

Anyone have thoughts or experiences in this regard?

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    Hi Dexx,

    I agree with you!

    Joomla is great for sites with a more complex structure and you can take advantage of all the extensions to create a full featured site, but WordPress has come on so far now that I find myself using it more and more for simpler sites, and for customers who would probably be somewhat at sea with the complexities of Joomla.

    I very rarely seem to build static sites nowadays, they are becoming a distant memory.

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    I would recommend Joomla hands down, and I have built sites using both Wordpress and Joomla.

    For Joomla the K2 plugin turns the site into a blogging platform.

    Ultimately however if you have good content and it's well optimised whatever software you can get your head round that gets the job done is the right one for you.

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    It all depends on the project, but I strongly believe that Drupal is by far the best choice for open source CMS's that have enough of a developer base and community to work.

    The new site built last year was built on Drupal, as is Aaron Walls site like

    Regardless, you going to have to learn to code properly with CSS, XHTML, PHP and get a decent understanding on MySQL

    Anyways just my 2cents
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    You can also consider drupal.It is also very good CMS.
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    I've worked with both and Wordpress is just as powerful and easier in my opinion.
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    It seems the majority of people say that one big benefit of wordpress is training people on how to update their website vs Joomla is a lot easier...

    Have you guys found this to be the case?

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    I put my two cents in for Wordpress, stictly based on plugins. When I tried out drupal and joomla I found they just didn't have the features I needed easily. The other reason wordpress reigns supreme for me is documentation, drupal and joomla have a community but wordpress appears to have whole countrys full of followers. You can find it anywhere on the web.
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    When I first started out, I use Joomla, but I'm not so technical savvy, so it took time for me to understand how to use and apply plugins in Joomla, then, I stumbled upon Wordpress, and ever since then, I always used Wordpress to build my mini websites, I meant literally, it takes no time.

    Joomla actually is a good CMS for more complicated site (my thoughts), but as Wordpress is growing and growing, I think you should be able to do some tricks with Wordpress to meet your need
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      I can't get away from WordPress, sorry! It's one of the best CMS on the net.

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      I first stated off using Joomla to build my websites but have to give up in the end since it just takes too long.

      I have computer science background and my spouse is an electrical engineer. It still took us a long time to set things up, to maintain...etc. The backend is not very intuitive.

      Finally came across WP and the world is much better . I also make use of Premium Theme (Thesis) with WP and it makes working with the backend much easier.

      Not just managing the content, but adding plugins, widgets, SEO but also changing the look and feel.

      Hope this helps.
      - TW
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    My first websites ever were built on Mambo. Then on Joomla! and finally I've been using Wordpress.

    I actually love Wordpress because it's simple enough to start a blog and you can scale it up to be a online store or even a bigger portal.

    If I need more flexibility, I rather custom code my sites in PHP than using Drupal or Joomla!
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    For simple sites both are to bloated and complicated. I am still looking for something light, simple and user friendly. For something more complicated it depends - for blog and content site go for Wordpress. For a more complex website with multiple functionalities go with Joomla, there is almost impossible to think of a functionality that isn't already implemented as a plugin/component for Joomla.
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    I prefer wordpress over the other platforms. It is easier for me to manage it and joomla was over my head when trying to do simple things.
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    I use Joomla; but I am also a notoriously "techy" kind of guy. Anyone who asks which one they should use; I immediately say Wordpress. It has all the functionality you will ever need and Joomla ultimately is for maintaining the capability of becoming VERY large; as in fifty people or more working on it and two million hits a month. Wordpress can handle more than a team of ten people need(or really the same amount as any web site development team), so it is deep enough and complex enough to do more than anyone would need or expect of it.
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    As others have pointed out, depends on your needs. When I need a simple, "build me with a click" website, I use WP. I mostly use Joomla though.
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  • Profile picture of the author helenaldin
    I'm a WordPress gal all the way.

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    Drupal is good, but it 's complicated to start with. I myself recently switched to WordPress, and it could be your platform. If you'd like something more powerful, go for K2 joomla. it actually overrides the default joomla admin and is easier to post content along with custom fields.
    K2 is often compared to WordPress, and this post states how they are different: Joomla K2 and WordPress: Equation Mark?


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    To me WordPress is a great choice for straightforward, simply arranged Web sites. It’s the easiest system to install and understand, and is easy to maintain and update, putting site setup within reach of anyone with a sense of technical adventure.Joomla is a solid utility player, good for a variety of different situations. It’s relatively straightforward to install and set up.Flexible and powerful, Drupal is a great choice for more complex sites. It supports a wide variety of site structures—you can define very detailed rules as to what content should be displayed where, and build your own custom content types.
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      Wordpress is awesome. I used to use Joomla, then Drupal for developing sites. Unfortunately, I found the documentation and community around them to be lacking compared to what WP has. Also it's really easy to find skilled Wordpress developers and designers through oDesk and such. Take a look at this
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    The greater the complexity of the site - use Joomla. Smaller, simple sites (less architecture) - I recommend Wordpress. Both are great for SEO.
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  • Profile picture of the author ccole
    For me, I prefer using Wordpress as it is easy to use.. I tried Joomla before but it is too complex for me which obviously I stopped using it. I would still go to the easiest CMS which is Wordpress. I just don't want to complicate myself as long as I get what I need in my blog.

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    I did not read this post fully but answer to question is Wordpress. I am not saying it just because wordpress good for SEO, plenty of free plugins, easy to share content, and much much more but I am saying it because wordpress is almost 96% secure from Hackers as compare to joomla or other platfom. Think of your 10,000 a day visitors stolen by a hacker or all you affiliate ID'S get hacked. I use wordpress just because of the security. I hope it will help to convince you to use wordpress 100%.
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  • Profile picture of the author EdVictor791
    I use Wordpress almost exclusively. Why? their sites rank well, Very easy to setup and use...I especially like their simple domain forwarding interface (never tried this with Joomla)

    I think Wordpress is your best bet in terms of functionality and being user friendly...even better than Blogger as well.
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