Has Anybody Purchased Media Buying UNLEASHED by Scott Rewick

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Has anybody purchased this? I learned about him through OfferVault on a webinar and he sounds like he really knows his stuff.

His course is $297 and was just wondering if anybody has purchased it?


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    That product is mostly just overview "what" to do information. There is very little "how to do it" in there.

    Talks a lot about Adsonar, Pulse 360, AdBlade, Facebook. One of the issues is, most of those platforms are well saturated now and it can be tough to get your ads shown profitably due to the way they do their priority. At least in the case of Pulse360, a few big high volume guys dominate the inventory - and have for a very long time. Fake blog and fake article/news landing pages rule there too (which is okay I guess if you like to market like a dooshbag).
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    Scott is the real deal and sports a very generous helping attitude.

    I would recommend anything which he puts out there
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      I just got back from Adtech and was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Scott there. He introduced me to all the important people there, and during our time together I can't tell you how many people came up to Scott to thank them for all he has done for them.

      He's on my very short list of people who I would pay money to learn media buying from. He's the most knowledgeable person on the subject I have ever met.

      Co-creator of WP Twin. Perhaps the most expensive yet most reliable wordress cloning tool on the market. We've definitely been used more successfully than all other options :)

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    I have to agree with digabot's assessment. There's lots of "these are good places to buy" but virtually nothing in the way of a plan to follow.

    For the price, I can't recommend it, but YMMV.

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      I purchased Scott's 6 week live webinar series and he is the real deal. Like Jason, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him at Ad:tech in NY earlier this month and he introduced us to some very important people there and people were constantly coming up to him to say 'Hi' and 'Thanks!'.

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      Soo, it begs the question, where can I find a decent 'how to do it" media training? cheers BR88
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    One question, was he an affiliate marketer or did was in charge of media buying for companies?
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